Land Rover Defender: The Short Throw

After 68 years of production, the Land Rover Defender is being retired. It received an honorable discharge from Land Rover at the Solihull plant. It was accompanied by more than 700 current and former employees as well as the very production Series I, which it is a descendant of. The Defender, which is an icon in... Continue Reading →

Whatcha Learn?

So someone tell me something. Remember the Nissan Murano cross cabriolet. You know. The funky looking, convertible SUV that Nissan graced us with some years ago. Does anybody remember that waste of R&D time/money, metal, payroll and the earths precious materials? If you do, continue reading. If not, STOP HERE, Google, Bing, Yahoo search the... Continue Reading →


Things overseas are heating up... Okay so maybe #WWIII, was a very wrong way to title this post. Even though there are human rights violations and nuclear war threats in the world today, this is a car blog. That means this blog is about cars and therefore, I need to be talking about cars. The... Continue Reading →

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