The #CamaroSix App

 Remember the good ole days, when customizing a car from the factory consisted of going to the dealer and guessing at which options would look the best? Well in the days where technology is found in about everything, automakers are using online customizers and/or apps to help you build, your dream machine. Chevy decided to jump on the bandwagon, quicker than people joining the Carolina Panthers bandwagon. The Camaro Six is definitely a perfect update to the Camaro, this app helps push that point home.


Long short you can fully customize your Camaro from several paints, wheels, accessories and even stripes. Want the coupe? You can fully customize one. Want Toulouse the roof? The converitble is also a choice. You can choose between the regular 1 and 2 LT models but most of us will pick the 1 and 2 SS models. You can basically click on a button which allows you to add or delete the options. The app also allows a full 360 view of you dream Camaro. Once you have picked your dream options and features you can take pictures from varying angles and also, download a fully spec sheet of your ride. You can also check out the inside of your ride and customize it your liking.

Mine was a fully loaded 2SS with the optional ground effects kit with the black fender stripes. Of course it had the optional wheels and other nifty trim options but after the simple process of designing it, I wanted to lose the roof. 

Same idea here. It was basically the same 2SS sans a roof and with quad exhaust tips. I though that this app couldn’t get any better but then I clicked around and found what else the Camaro Six app had to offer.


My digital ride was complete and I wanted to learn a little more about these impressive beasts. Click in the top left corner and you have three options. The “Tech” tab shows you a general breakdown of the performance bits on the new Camaro. There are four features of the Camaro with 3D views, a description and an intense narrator. You can see the suspension, engine, weight saving as well as my personal favorite, the Active Rev system, complete with the intense narrator and a gas pedal. The Active Rev system allows you to rev your Camaro until an App limited 100mph. As far as the sound goes, this baby will purr.  Last but not least, you can touch the “Vision” tab to see a 360 view of the interior of your Camaro. I will admit it’s a little touchy but once you get control of it, it a cool feature. 


While I wish this was my personal Camaro, this App brings me and the users closer to the newest iteration of the Camaro. The only issues I have with the App is the touchy 360 view and the speed limited Active Rev tab. The former makes me wonder what it sounds like in the upper echelon of the Camaro’s rev range. Despite those, the App is a must download and can be found on Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play store. If you haven’t checked it out, go ahead and do so.  


Before I go forward, whenever I rate an App I will use a 5 star rating system, which goes as follows.

1. Download…never at all.

2. Download…at some point in life

3. Download…eventually

4. Download…with Wifi

5. Download…now!



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