5 of the World’s Worst Cop Cars

My previous post, 8 of the World’s Sickest Police Cars, features some of the greatest police vehicles known to man. This post features the exact opposite. 

While the run of the mill Crown Vics, Chargers, Caprice PPVs, Taurus’, Explorers and Tahoes are pretty competent to utilize in a high speed chase, police departments around the world could be doing worse…a lot worse. When I say a lot worse, I’m speaking about patrol cars that wouldn’t even hold a candle to even the lowest end of exonomy cars. So I thought about and ran a quick Google search for some the absolute worst, police vehicles known to man. In other words, there will be no Lambos on this one.


Let’s see. The ForTwo is a laughable roadblock, has laughable cargo space for equipment, if possible a laughable K-9 unit, definitely a laughable pursuit vehicle and point blank, a laughable car. A New York meter maid on a 10 mile, traffic-free, straight-away may have a better chance.

Caparo T1

So can someone explain how a pit maneuver would work with this flyweight of a car. I mean seriously, even though the T1 can move to 60mph in a blistering 2.5 seconds, what good would it be in pit maneuvers or boxing a suspect in. It might just get ran over.

Toyota Corolla

AE86 or SR5 Corolla? Maybe. Any other Corolla than the AE86 or SR5? …..no….. Using a Corolla in a police force makes about as much sense as using a Hummer for hot pursuits.

HUMMER H2 GeigerCars Custom

Well with my previous statement, let’s really think this through. A Hummer pursuit vehicle is about as sensible as a gas station next to an outdoor R&D facility for flamethrowers. Even though it has 700HP from a 7.0L V8, if it couldn’t be outrun, the H2’s aerodyamics and weight, which are comparable to a cinder block, might not be good for gas
mileage at high speeds.

Lada [insert model here]

Need I say more?


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