A little about me…

Well, quite simply…I have been a car lover since I can remember. To be honest, I barely remember what I ate this morning for breakfast but that’s all beside the point. Over the years, I’ve researched almost everything I can regarding the industry and more. I draw them, I repair them, love to stare and drool over them, and point blank…borderline obessed.

This blog is basically intended for ranting and actually speaking up for those people who believe things should be done a certain way. For example, I don’t like twin turbo V6s in most supercars (cough…cough…Ford GT). Basically, if your looking for the typical factual review on auto shows and the sort. You will get that here at times, depending on the weather.

If your looking for a nice laugh during your lunch break poking fun at various automobiles…stay tuned.



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