C8 Corvette

And this was the shot heard around the world part two. Has anybody heard of this new C8 Corvette? If you haven’t then your about to…

The 2017 C8 Corvette is going to be designed in a way that will usher in a new era in the legacy of the Corvette. It still retain a V8 engine (unlike the Ford GT), but be a mid-engine design. Yes, a mid-engine design. Umm…what?


Before, everybody starts posting how much they love or hate the new design there are a few things you need to know.

First, only the ZR-1 will be mid-engined and called the Zora ZR-1. If this platform proves to be a sucess, the base and Z06 models will become mid-engined. Also, the C7 and C8 will probably be sold in conjunction at dealers until the C8 generation comes in.

Secondly, this isn’t the first time Corvettes were rumoured to be dressed in mid-engined attire. Over the years, mid-engined Corvette’s have been designed and talked about. The reason being, is the restrictions of the front engine setup. The weight balance is better on a mid-engined ride which means increased handling, acceleration and braking. Yes, we love the current Corvettes ability to do burnouts in its current setup but in order for the Corvette to keep advancing, this is a necessary switch.


Thirdly, looking towards the future, as cars are getting faster by the hour, fuel economy standards get stricter and as the supercar segment gets tougher, the Corvette needs a revamp before it’s too archaic and suffers the same fate as other cars that stayed in the past decade. Don’t think that the Corvette won’t go the way of the boosted V6 and hybrid-electric options. Because of the times, and the mandate of better fuel economy by 2020, they are coming. Until then, enjoy the classic small block V8 powered engines.

What about guys who don’t like or want the mid-engine design? They are just going to have to deal. Like I said before there is only so much that can be done with a front engine RWD setup. That would mean that the chances of a ZR-1 for the C7 are slim to none at best. Too much power and not enough of the other stuff. I believe that the switch is a necessary-evil and probably the most beneficial thing for Corvette’s since The death of the 84 model.

Pricing for the ZR-1 probably will be, according to sources, will probably be in the $150k range due to the transition. By 2020, the front engine, RWD setup will probably be extinct which ends the era which lasted the lifespan of the Corvette. Expect special final editions.

Is the world ready to see a mid-engined Corvette? Some are and some aren’t. Will it be a hit? I couldn’t tell you. I remember when the C6 came out with the non-pop up headlights. My best friend and fellow car fiend said something like…”I don’t like the new front end; it looks like it is smiling.” I wonder what he has to say about a mid-engine version.



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