The Problem with Police Cars

Police cars…They are out best friends when we need them and then our worst when we don’t.


In the great U.S of A, I’m talking about two specific police cars. The Dodge Charger and the Ford Crown Victoria. Ok…out of all of the cars on the road, you are saying the Crown Vic and Charger are the most annoying. Yes, I am. Why? Keep reading, I won’t take too long.

The Crown Victoria and Charger not only begin with the letter C, but they are the last cars we want to see on any given day. They roam the roads like vultures around a carcuss waiting for someone to break a standard issue traffic law. These cars actually create more fear than any other car on the road.


However, you know what irks my nerves more than an actual police officer stalking me while I’m actually obeying traffic laws. Someone who wants to follow me and/or speed up on me while owning one of these vehicles, and while I am obeying traffic laws. That should be against the law. It’s alreday bad enough that I have a heart attack when one pulls up on me, counting the fact that my driving record was the way it was. Mind you, I had a reckless driving and speed competition among other blips on my driving record and these guys just have to do all this extra drive up fast and coming out of nowhere. I’m just saying, that gets old and y’all need to stop. It’s not funny.

Post you favorites in the comments section below. Thanks for reading.



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