Bugatti’s are Boring…huh?

So I read an article on flipboard, that explained the thrill of driving a Veyron, which eventually leads to depressing, yet factual information. However, those statements are as invalid as they are valid. While I agree with some of what the article said, I can’t agree with all of it…per say.

In my opinion, when you are saying the Bugatti Veyron is boring, that’s like saying a Toyota Yaris is the most amazing ride known to man. Essentially, all super/hypercars follow the same formula, outrageous power and torque, aggressive aerodynamics, insane acceleration and braking, beautiful design and a high top speed. Granted, most of these cars will never be used to achieve these top speed numbers and while you will spending more time telling your friends what you can do than actually doing it, it’s all about that bragging right. It’s almost like, impressing the high school crush that turned you down. At the reunion, you spend more time expressing your successes than you do your downfalls.

The second reason why the Bugatti is far from boring, is that it’s numbers are impressive and don’t lie. 1200HP. 267mph. Four turbos. Boring? I think not. With that being said, the Veyron was built to go really fast…not to be extremely entertaining with its over-the-top design and construction. The entertainment comes from the blistering acceleration, top speed and the fact that your license is generally at stake in under 3 seconds, not because it has a active aerodynamic fender flap thing. 

And aren’t all super/hypercars essentially “garage queens”? Let’s be honest, people don’t buy half million dollar cars to drive them all day everyday. They buy them to look cool, brag, and let their money talk for them.

The last point is the fact that the Veyron is retired, with numerous world records, and the Chiron is heir to the throne. How do we know that the Chiron doesn’t offer a driving experience rivaled by the best of the best? We don’t…yet. The Chiron was just revealed at the Geneva Motor Show and all we have is speculaton. The Chiron could be without the”Supercar Boredom Syndrome” (in-depth explanation coming soon) and be one of the best rides ever, without needing miles of empty road to run the top speed.

While I agree with the article I found, I find it hard to define Bugatti’s as boring. In my opinion, Bugattis achieve their purpose just like a Silverado 3500HD hauls boats and the Prius saves you money at the pump. It’s not about wanting to always sprint to excessive speeds. It’s about the fact that you can run 267mph…with enough real estate to do so. I mean…is a Lamborghini able to do 200+mph? Yes. Would you be able to do it on your commute to work? Probably not.




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