Apparently, the SRT Challenger Demon Should Be Banned

According to Fox News and I quote,

Trade publication Automotive News has called for the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to be banned in a scathing editorial regarding the muscle car titled “Keep the Dodge Demon off our roads.”

Um, yes the SRT Challenger Demon is a production, street legal drag car and if the wrong person was behind the wheel, the Demon could be unsafe for pedestrians. First of all, the SRT Challenger Demon is banned from NHRA for being too quick as it is. So Automotive News thinks that the SRT Challenger Demon will put millions of motorists at risk, due to it’s sheer power and speed. They also say that it’s registration as a road worthy vehicle should be blocked and that the Demon is not inline with the safety standards, Automakers have strived to improve. Well, there’s a couple of honorable mentions that haven’t been taken into consideration here.

  1. THE SRT CHALLENGER DEMON IS NOT AUTONOMOUS: Unlike The Fate of the Furious there is no way the Demon will start itself up and cause a massive increase in traffic fatalities and/or injuries. It might have Incredible Hulk power, but there is a setting that is configured for street use. Which leads me to my next point.
  2. THE SRT CHALLENGER DEMON IS NOT GOING TO LACK SAFETY FEATURES: In order to be street legal, there are certain emissions and safety standard that have to be met. I think Dodge has that under control, especially if they are billing the Demon as street legal, which leads to my last point.
  3. THE SRT CHALLENGER DEMON REQUIRES A DRIVER: And that is the part that would be problematic. Too bad most of the drivers will probably sit this beast in the garage somewhere and the poor valet drivers around the world, willl probably get the “Valet” key which will limit the joyrides. 

So yeah, let’s ban the SRT Challenger Demon. While we are at it, let’s ban the Smart ForTwo for being too small and not as safe as, oh let’s say, a Suburban. Then, we can ban the Suburban for being too large for parking spaces, putting shopping carts at risk. Then after we are done banning the Suburban, we can ban all the other vehicles on the road, because all vehicles have a degree of safety risk, which comes from the driver. I highly doubt, the Demon is going to start itself and sprint into 5pm traffic. Just saying.

3 thoughts on “Apparently, the SRT Challenger Demon Should Be Banned

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    1. Read the post again. I don’t think the SRT Demon should be banned, there’s another publication that thinks it should, because it’s not safe. This is just my sarcastic view on the subject.



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