6 More Super-Oddity-Cars

Like my previous post about odd supercars this post highlights seven more. So here are several more supercars that don’t quite fit the mold of supercar…at least in someways. If you got any more odd Supercars, drop them in the comments and let me know. As always, thank you for reading The car files thoughts of an enthusiast.

From autozine.com

Vector W8

The Vector W8, was another American supercar, that wasn’t bad, just odd. Yes, it had the weird wedge shaped body like most supercars of the 90, but it was still a marvel. From an engineering standpoint, the W8’s was built on a semi-aluminum chassis and had 625HP and can reach 240mph. It’s just that wedge design. In my opinion, only Lamborghini makes the wedge look good.

From conceptcarz.com

Covini C6W

The Covini C6W is the epitome of super-oddity-car. The C6W’s oddity factor is not because it has a weird engine or not because it has a weird name. The C6W is odd because of it’s drivetrain. This car is propelled using six wheels, with four of them up front. The C6W runs about 186mph but the fact that it has six wheels is as odd as you get.

From Pinterest.com

Aixam MegaTrack

While most supercars conquer the blacktop, and even various race tracks around the world, this one takes it a step further. The Aidan MegaTrack is a supercar that can stray off of the beaten path. This is the best way to take 6.0L Mercedes V12 off road. The best part about the MegaTrack, is that…it’s French.

From supercars.net

Orca C113

The Orca C113 was odd for it’s time. First of all, it was a vision of one guy and second of all, it was far ahead for the time. The Orca C113 achieved statistics of today’s standards. There are even cars built now, that can’t match it. A 223mph top speed, 0-60 under three seconds and a 640HP Audi V9 was insane for 2004. Nevertheless, it was definitely a cool ride but odd for it’s time.

From youtube.com

Yamaha OX99-11

Yamaha is synonymous with a few things in the automotive world. Mainly, the 1st through 3rd generation Taurus SHO’s and the V8s that were used in Volvo and the Noble M600. Yamaha made their own V12 powered supercar which was very odd looking. What makes this supercar odd, is that only one person can occupy the OX99–11. That’s right, only one person at a time.

From car-revs-daily.com

Dome Zero

The Dome Zero was meant to be a Le-Mans focused racecar. It failed to get homologated and it was nothing more than a doorstop on wheels, due to it’s wedge shaped design. The Dome Zero eventually found success elsewhere. The success, however, was found on the Gran Turismo series.


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