A Ferrari SUV…kind of.

Just like Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce and the like, Ferrari might jump into the SUV market. It’s a bold move from the automaker, which had never built a four door vehicle, let alone an SUV. I don’t even think Ferrari is even going to cal it an SUV, with rumors in circulation of it being called an “FUV” or “Ferrari Utility Vehicle.” That designation would be as pointless as Ferrari changing the FF’s name, to GTC4-Lusso. 

Anywho, the SUV codenamed “F16X”, is meant to be built alongside the GTC4-Lusso, which means it will probably look something like the GTC4. The unnamed SUV, which I will call it by it’s codename, F16X, will sit higher than the GTC4 and also have two more doors, although the doors are rumoured to resemble what was used on the Mazda RX-8. That means the doors won’t be traditional styled doors…they will be suicide doors, with a hidden opening mechanism. 

Of course, a twin-turbo V8 will power this beast, with the extensive use of aluminum to save weight. It’s main competition will probably start with the Urus and Bentayga.

One of be F16X’s competitors, the Bentley Bentayga

This wouldn’t be the first gamble Ferrari has taken in their storied history, but definitely their most ambitious. Ferrari has always stayed away from four door vehicles and SUV’s because Enzo Ferrari haunt the decision makers of the automaker from his grave. Ferrari has always built sports cars, which doesn’t allow room for too much else. While an SUV can achieve sports car like performance (like the SRT8 Grand Cherokee and Bentayga) and a four door sedan can move something (like the Charger Hellcat and M5 for example), they aren’t sports cars.

With that being said, expect the F16X to look like a lifted GTC4-Lusso, with more ways to enter the cabin. The overall styling would rememble a typical Ferrari, with the performance and pricing to match, and it will most likely look the least like a SUV as possible. 

The F16X may also be a good move for Ferrari. SUVs and Crossovers are gaining popularity similar to the late 90s and that’s good for the financial department. Not to mention, when Porsche introduced the Cayenne, to the displeasure of it’s enthusiasts, it became Porsche’s high volume seller and later spawned the Macan and Panamera. 

Should Ferrari go down the same path, they may see similar results. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to own a Ferrari that can move the family comfortably, stylishly, and then tear up the track.


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