The Baddest 1970 Chevelle on the Planet: Pt. I

The 1970 Chevy Chevelle is the poster child for American Muscle, depending on your taste. The Chevelle in general, has been featured in several movies and TV series, from Fast and Furious, to the hit series Mad Men. The subject Chevelle of this post, makes all of the others look insignificant. This 70 Chevelle was built by Detriot Speed for a customer. Instead of building the standard run of the mill restoration, these guys built a daily driver Chevelle, with supercar-like touches.

This beast, powered by an LSX 427 V8 pushes near 900HP on E-85. The massive supercharger looks like it was built to power a jet engine, with a displacement that is equivalent to two 2.0L Turbo Camaros. In plain english, the supercharger is a 4.0L monster. This 70 Chevelle also holds it’s own in the handling department, due to Detroit Speed’s work with a heavily modified suspension and braking.

This post is just a quick snapshot of this Chevelle. I saw it a few weeks ago at a car-show down in Mooresville, NC and got a couple of quick shots of it. Expect a more in-depth review, relatively soon. Here are a couple of pictures of the baddest Chevelle’s on the planet.

Although it’s an older car, the interior takes modern, more supercars-like cues.

The 427 LSX and the 4.0L Supercharger
The beast overlooking it’s prey.
Just another good angle of the Chevelle.
The 427 SS Badge

The Chevelle exiting the car show.


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