6 Most Over-Hyped Cars of All Time

There are a lot of over-hyped things in the world. Mayweather Vs. McGregor was overhyped, the eclipse (atleast where I was located) was overhyped, and a list of other things in life can be considered overhyped. These are some cars that I would consider to be overhyped. Mainly, the advertisements and promises that we were expecting produced a car that didn’t meet the expectation that was set. Don’t we hate it when certain expectations aren’t met. Here’s your list. 

Dodge Dart-

With the Dodge Dart reboot, we had numerous commercials highlighting the greatness of the Dart, the soundtrack of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild,” and hopes of another SRT-4. We thought, hey…this car might actually be awesome! However, it was basically the same compact Dodge product, with different metal. Boring, underwhelming and there was no SRT-4.


These are great cars, no doubt. This also marked the return to sports cars, from Toyota. They partnered up with Subaru, and we thought we were going to get the Supra-like car, that we’ve been wanting since the end of the Japanese muscle cars saga. What we got instead, was a decent sports car, but it wasn’t powerful enough for us to really be completely happy. I mean how many 2JZ swaps have we seen in these.

Pontiac GTO-

Another classic American muscle name plate, that we thought would bring us back to the glory days. However, GM and their badge engineering expertise, just basically imported a Holden Monaro slapped a Pontiac badge on it, and called it a GTO. Wasn’t a bad car, but we could’ve really allocating resources towards making a true GTO, not a rebadged Holden.

Toyota Prius-

The Prius is really the only car on this list that actually delivers on it’s promises. Affordable, yet excellent in terms of gas mileage. But the Super Bowl commercial where the Prius was involved in a bank robbery and getaway driver attempt, really threw everybody off. Great idea Toyota, just the wrong car.

Chevy Volt-

This was an attempt by Chevy to jump into the market that the Prius basically owns. When we thought that the Volt was going to be the greatest hybrid since the Prius, it wasn’t. It did deliver on fuel economy, but didn’t quite do what it needed to do. Basically, like the Honda Insight, it didn’t quite catch on.

Toyota Supra-

The Toyota Supra is an amazing car. It’s everything you probably want in a Japanese sports car and then some. But, the main killer for the Supra is this. Everybody wants one, but they don’t realize how much money they have to pour into the car, to go Lambo hunting. Great car, no doubt, and honestly it wouldn’t be on this list if it I didn’t cost a Beverly Hills mortgage, to make it a Lambo killer.


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