Straight Outta The Graveyard: 77 Firebird/Trans Am

2013-04-06 10.33.34

Well, seeing as I go to junkyard from time to time I’ll start posting some of the cars I see. While some won’t be everybody’s dream car, the cars I will post Will be the cool ones that someone deemed to death.

This was what I believe to be a 77 Firebird/Trans Am I saw a while back. It seemed like somdone didn’t know that they had. They could have put it on eBay and probably made more than they got from here. But hey, this one needed more work than anything but I still bet that this person had no clue what they had. I was tempted to try and take something off of this car but, it was a depressing moment to see this next to the many failures, that GM gave us in the late 80s and 90s. This pic was taken a couple years ago and I have no clue where or what became of it but someone would agree that this car didn’t belong at the graveyard…maybe the internet, but not the graveyard. Ok, so maybe it does belong there there…I just felt sympathetic.


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