And on that bombshell…


So maybe I’m a few days late on the whole Top Gear and BBC ‘s release of Jeremy Clarkson, but the meme says it all…Who can replace Clarkson? Top Gear without Clarkson is like a Corvette with a twin turbo inline four, it’s just plain wrong. While I agree Clarkson should have gotten the suspension for his actions, I don’t believe his contract should have not been renewed.


I’ve been a fan of the show since the formation of the trio of Clarkson, May and Hammond. I’ve watched over and over and over again the challenges, reviews and the cold silence of the stig. Its unfathomable to watch this show without the man. While Hammond and May are great presenters, Clarkson added the non-chalant attitude to many aspects of the show. Thinking back to the most expensive review the show had featuring the BMW X6, to the South America challenge, to the overall jokes, comments, and general humour, Clarkson is Top Gear.
Should he not be resigned, Russell Brand could work…and that would be worse, than a vette with a twin turbo four.


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