So while I was at work, I had an epiphany of sorts. The Ford Mustang is THE most dominant muscle car of all time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not always been pro-Mustang and in all honesty my dream muscle cars are a 2015 ZL1 Camaro and 70 HEMI Cuda with a 426. However, even I can’t deny the Mustangs presence as a muscle car powerhouse (or horse depending on how you feel).

So how is the Mustang simply better than the competition? Well, here’s 1 reason spanning the lifespan of the original pony/muscle car.



Think about it, Mustangs have always been one of the baddest muscle cars in history. I mean who can seriously hate the sound of a Kenne Bell supercharger on a Terminator Cobra? What about the Bullitt 390 Fastback co-staring with Steve McQueen? How about the nostalgic 1964.5 Mustang 289? Over the years many nameplates have been associated with the Mustang. You got the Boss 302, the Bullitt, the Mach I, the GT500/KR/Super Snake, the 67 Fastback known as “Eleanor”, the RTR edition, the GT-H, the SVT Cobra just to name a few. Then aftermarket tuners such as Saleen, Shelby, Roush and Steeda. I’ll even add the concepts such as the GT-R, the Giugiaro and the 04 Mustang concept.

Mustangs have always managed to edge out the competition as well. Lets just take the 2010 model for example…it still had the older 4.6 modular engine and with the reemergence of the Camaro, It was outgunned. Fastfoward to 2011 and the rebirth of the 5.0. Coyote and not only did the Mustang out do the Camaro but, according to Motor Trend, it could drop the top faster too. Need another example? How about the 5.8 L GT500 which was capable of 200mph, which at that point in time was one of the highest top speeds coming out of America.


The Mustang even withstood the test of time, seeing as the Trans Am died, the Camaro went on an eight year hiatus and Chrysler didn’t bring anything to the table, muscle car wise, until the 09 Challenger. Nowadays, we have the 2015 models that come with 4 cylinders. Now, I know what your thinking. Why does that matter? Well…um…let’s see how long it will take for Chevy puts an ecotec engine comes in a Camaro.


The most important thought about the Mustang has to be the infinite nostalga this car brings. From classic car shows to new car shows, the Mustang always makes us smile in one way or another. Like I said, this vehicle is a show stopper. At a gas station, I saw a brand new GT500 in red with white stripes and I almost drooled on the car until it pulled off. I remember seeing a 428 Cobra Jet at a car show and wishing I could knock the guy out and take his keys for 10 minutes behind the wheel. One of my old roommates had 04 GT that brings back memories. His car was quick as I don’t know what and the numerous complaints from neighbors as he IDLES, not drives, IDLES down the parking lot. Everybody has a memory featuring a Mustang. It is that premise that makes the Mustang so dominant and let’s not forget…it was the first and definitely has had plenty of imitators.


So maybe this isn’t the most in-depth review but there is NO denying the presence of the legendary, often imitated never duplicated, Ford Mustang. Oh…and in case I forgot, anyone remember hearing “Mustang Sally”?



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