Need it in our lives 3

So after careful deliberation and a much needed frosty from Wendy’s, I came up with another deceased vehicle to discuss. And seeing as deceased sounds better than dead, here goes Need it in our Lives 3.

This week, it will be the car…truck…ute thing. Its main competition in it’s heyday it was the Ford Ranchero…it is the Chevy El Camino.


Now, the El Camino was probably one of the most memorable cars that Chevy has produced. I mean it was a car, it was a truck, and It had a choice of V8 engines…how can you really beat that? The style is timeless and easily recognizable, not to mention my personal favorite from the 80s which had the Monte Carlo SS front clip. Overall, it’s a really cool car from back in the day.

Nowadays, they aren’t so easy to find at least in decent shape or not for an arm, leg and half of your head. The other kicker about this car is the failed attempts, from GM, to bring the “EL Co” back. The SSR, which was the Camaro’s replacement mind you, was laughable at best. Had the SSR made sense, then I could understand, but it’s slotting and design had no point for the time. On the other side of the spectrum, the G8 ST, which only failed due to the market and GMs inability to bring the U.S. some of the GOOD foreign models. Tell em something GM why do the aussies and other foreigners get the cool stuff?


Now, this is the part where I list reasons why the subject vehicle should be remade. This week I won’t do the same thing. There is only one reason why this ute should return and that’s because….Its Freaking Amazing. All we need is the the Holden Maloo converted to left hand drive and to Americanize it to form the El Camino. Of course, superchargers, brembo brakes and many other small additions would make it the perfect fit for the market. Should GM make it, all they need to do is have it for a short couple year run, like The Chevy SS. They should also offer the 3.6L V6 just for the tree huggers, and the ZL1 Camaro’s 6.2L Supercharged V8 for the SS trim. 500HP isn’t to much to ask…is it? Ok so maybe the C6 Z06 engine is more like it but a man can dream right?

So with that being said, GM, if you see this post, or even care about the opinions of the hard working, blue and white collar car guys who buy your vehicles. Bring back the El Camino…or else… In case you are wondering what “or else” is…here you go. Two words. Ford Ranchero.



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