No Fat Cowboy Zone

Mercedes-Benz is working on producing a truck under the nameplate “GLT”. That’s right a Benz truck. Now before we go play scratch offs, it will not come to the U.S. Why? According to the head of the project and former AMG boss Volker Mornhinweg, it will not a “fat cowboy truck”.


Seeing as us “fat cowboys” primarily buy American built trucks (Ford, Ram, GMC, Chevy), bringing a truck to America wouldn’t make sense. Take Toyota and Nissan for example. For every Toyota and Nissan that is driving around the states, there are thousands more Fords, GMCs, Chevys, and Rams. Mercedes couldn’t actually price this truck in a reasonable tange. Logic moment: $40k maybe $50k for a base model, midsized truck or $30k to $40k for a loaded full sized truck. [insert choice here].

Another problem is that “fat cowboys” do not care about luxurious trucks. Take the Lincoln Mark LT. It died after a short run because it was an overpriced F150. So what do you think will be the fate of the GLT?

Will the GLT be a cool ride? Yes. Will it sell wherever it is sold? Probably so. Do “fat cowboys” want it? No. So let it be known that “fat cowboys” will continue to drive their “fat cowboy” trucks and put on their “fat cowboy” boots and be happy. I am a fan of Mercedes-Benz, but this move has a success rate comparable to the 90s, when Mercedes tried to buy BMW. We all saw how that worked out.


Oh yeah did I mention, “fat cowboys”?



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