Shut Up and Take My Money 2

Everybody knows about the new Ford GT that’s supposed to be coming in 2016? Its a re-reborn American Classic that beat Ferarri in the 60s and then did the same thing 40 and change years later. There’s one common gripe about the new GT though. Its powered by…a twin turbo V6. Que? (What?)

Tree huggers love it and diehard Ford guys hate it. I agree with both. It is a lightweight package but the essence is taken away. The Ford GT is supposed to have a V8 or else it’s not a GT, it just has the badges. Luckily, I have a remedy for the problem.

How about a Group B rally car? You might be scratching your head asking what a Group B rally car is? A Group B rally car is a screaming metal death trap. For illustration purposes, (and read this faster than you normally read) picture a Yugo, with a jet engine strapped to it, drastic weight reduction, raised ride height, 4WD, on a muddy rally stage course. Again, screaming metal death trap. Ford made one known as the RS200.


The RS200 is a mid-engine, AWD, fly-weight of a car. These cars, in rally uniform, made 444HP and 365lbs-ft of torque from a Turbocharged 4 and playing hay in a needle stack is easier than finding one (note: hay in a needle stack). 200 made for the streets due to a homologation rule for rally racing. Another 20 “Evo” models were made for the race teams.

Now why should Ford bring this pocket rocket, more or less, back to the streets. Simple, just read the reasons listed below.

Why? It would allow the GT to move upmarket to the upper echelon of supercars. Even a twin turbo V6 from a Taurus SHO would be sufficient. Price it between a GT500 and GT. $100,000 price tag would create Ford’s GTR fighter.

Would it take some of the Mustang or GTs  thunder? No. The Mustang has too many loyalist buyers and the GT is the car that one would buy to show off to their buddies saying “Look at me now, bro!”. To add to that, the GT needs to be V8 powered and this time Ford would be able push the GT to another realm…Hypercar. The RS200 would fill the gap between the Mustang and the GT as well.


Engines? Twin Turbo Ecoboost V6 from the SHO Taurus. Its about the size and weight of a Lotus Evora, so a lightweight package with 450HP would be sufficient.

What we really want? Simple, a screaming carbon fibre death trap with technolgical advances and safety features. The orginal RS200 was as Spartan as the Spartans. Not too many creature comforts are needed and a limited run of these would also be sufficent.

You had one job… Well two honestly. Make it a limited production vehicle and make it a driver’s car. Don’t worry about so much technology that the RS200 turns into a McLaren. Call Cosworth (the guys who made the Escort cool) if any assistance is required.

Case and Point… We don’t want an Ecoboost Ford GT, we would rather have a supercharged V8, some of us will even take a gas/electric Hypercar version of Ford’s GT. With that said save us the Twin Turbo V6 for a RS200. It would be very beneficial to Ford’s line and another American GTR killer doesn’t sound too bad. Not to bad at all really. I mean…you might have to be borderline psychotic to drive it and a deathwish, but at least you will be having fun. And that’s all that matters in the end right?



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