2018 Ford Ranger

Here’s a quick milestone. Here’s to my 50th post. Its been cool writing these posts about one of my favorite subjects, the automotive world. Thanks to you, the readers, thanks for the support and next goal is 100 posts. Anyway, forward onto business.

The Ford Ranger. Discontinued in America in the 2011 model year. Now, it is rumoured to return to the states in 2018. Will they get the Ranger right this time? Will Ford finally get with the times and offers a double cab model? Will you need an application to buy it? Probably, not that last one but here’s a few things Ford needs to consider during the Ranger’s revival.

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The Ranger was cut in 2011 due to the fact that truck sales weren’t on the up and up. The F-150 had the tools to stay a consistent seller, while the Ranger has fallen into obscurity because, it could hit the sales numbers. Let’s also add a dated exterior, lack of options and necessities. I think the Ranger was the only truck, at the time, that didn’t offer a double cab option. The Ranger didn’t sell because it couldn’t compete.


This one needs to be updated to this day and age. First of all, it needs modernized options. A double cab has to be an option. Ecoboost engines need to be the primary options. Ford has one more ace up their sleeve as well. Powerstroke. Ford needs to get into the “diesel engine in midsize trucks” competition. The Chevy Colorado has already made this happen, Ford needs to do the same.

1. Ford has the Room
Ford can produce the midsize truck without making the F-150 suffer. The pricing would have to fit below the F-150, to an extent, and Ford is a pro at making logical fittments to their line-up, something rare for American automakers. Also add, the fact that the smaller Ecoboost engines are better suited for the smaller Ranger than the larger F150, which leads to my next point.

2. Ecoboost fits with Ranger
The smaller Ecoboost engines, like the 2.7L V6 and 2.0L four and maybe even 1.5L engines would make the Ranger more efficient. What I’m trying to say is, leave the 3.5L ecoboost for the F150, the smaller engines are better suited for the Ranger. The funny thing is the 3.5L engine could make a decent performance ranger, and that leads to another point.


3. A Ranger SHO
Just because fuel efficiency is going to be a more stringent requirement of all automakers doesn’t mean performance has to suffer. I’m sure the boys at SVT, Roush or someone in the Ford performance stable, could make a high performance Ranger. It would be a lot easier due to the size of the Ranger and more engine options could be applied. Maybe SHO is a dumb name for this model and Lightning might be a stretch but I’m pretty sure someone could thing of something.

4. The midsize truck market is growing
This market has always been dominated by the Toyota Tacoma. That’s why the Colorado has returned and I’ve even seen rumours of a new Dakota. The Frontier is just hanging around, sans a refresh and I’m sure that Honda might try their hand, sans unibody platform. With stricter CAFE standards on the horizon, this is the best time for the Ranger to come back. Who knows? The Colorado came back and won Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year award in the same breath.


5. Companies are buying Smaller
Most companies are buying smaller vehicles. The downsizing comes because some companies like the Orkins and AutoZone’s are trying cutback m especially on fuel. I’ve seen plenty of Ford Transit Connects and Ram Promaster City’s running cargo around. The Ranger might benefit Ford and their commercial vehicle sales.

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