2016 Cadillac CTS-V: The Short Throw

Remember the old days of Cadillac? The big ole, land yachts that hog up an entire land on the interstate. How about the Northstar powered models during the 90s? The beginning of the “V” series? Well, Caddy had came along way since the “land yacht” times and that evolution has led to the new CTS-V, which casts the old days into obscurity and combines luxury with German hunting performance. So if you haven’t figured it out yet, this weeks “The Short Throw” features, the Cadillac CTS-V.

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Numbers are impressive, with a supercharged 640 HP and 630 lbs-ft of torque, which dominates the M5, E63 AMG and whatever Audi brings to the table, but short of the 707 from the Hellcat. A clocked top speed of 201 mph which is just 3 mph short of the Hellcat. Brembo brakes, which is a specific setup for the CTS-V. A smooth underbody which required most of the components to be compacted together tighter than a new housing development. The suspension is built to offer your the proper performance without destroying your spine. 8-speed automatic transmission moving an electronic limited slip differential turning the back two wheels. We would love to see AWD and/or manual transmission as an option. 

The CTS-V was the first to wear the badge and is the M5 of Cadillac. The CTS-V has finally reached the potential it needed to reach, I thought the last generation model was enough to compete with the Germans, but this version might just be what Caddy needed to be taken seriously as a German competitor. At first, I disagreed with the redesign of the CTS but after seeing this beautiful CTS-V, I am a fan. In my opinion, the CTS-V is an $83k, race bred, nuclear bomb of a high performance, luxury car. The best part about it is that is its a car from a U.S. automaker. Just being honest, the CTS-V is one of my favorite performance rides from GM, since the ZL-1 Camaro a few years back. I’m just glad that Cadillac has finally made a ride that will run with the likes of BMW and Mercedes but there’s something terribly wrong here.

It’s, of course, exciting when a performance Cadillac comes out and I really am a fan of this push to outdo the Germans. The problem for me which I’ll explain deeper in another post, is that Cadillac is no longer a luxury automaker. Don’t get me wrong the CTS-V is as luxurious as it is race-oreinted, but it’s not the large luxury-barge from Caddy’s past. I mean, it’s about time Cadillac made the necessary changes to become a serious competitor tithe Germans, I just would like to see a more upmarket Cadillac. At the end of the day though, the CTS-V is exactly what the doctor ordered for this Renaissance for Cadillac…look out M5.


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