2017 Lamborghini Urus: The Short Throw

Before I begin, I know I have been on a two week hiatus from writing. Between moving into a house, changes in hours at work, and the end of my school semester, I’ve been slammed with life and it’s issues. Luckily, I’ve been able to regain control of these occurrences and I actually have a surprise coming soon for y’all but that’s all, I have to say about that. Next.

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Why did the Urus make the short throw for this week? Because a Lamborghini SUV is already cool enough, so let’s add turbochargers or even a hybrid drivetrain and make it that much cooler. Seeing as this will be the first SUV since the Rambo Lambo LM002, the Urus already has a lot going for it. Not only, will this one actually be practical but it will also, put people to work as well, seeing as Italian tax incentives allow the Urus to be built it’s factory. So for this “The Short Throw”, I want to post a list, omg…a list, about the reasons why the Urus will unseat the Bentayga as top dog, luxury SUV.

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  1. Lamborghini Engineering- The Urus has the ultimate advantage over the Bentayga. The Urus is a Lamborghini. The possibilities for the Urus are endless and combined will the fact that Lamborghini has been building super cars for a long time. I’d imagine the Urus could fall in line even though the Urus is not the typical build.  I think the Urus could beat the 187mph record set by the Bentayga, considering the Urus’ heritage. Not to mention, Lamborghini has always managed to wow us, with what the R&D team is capable of. Which leads to the next point. 
  2. Possibility of an Advanced Drivetrain- Should the Urus be built with a hybrid drivetrain, the doors open faster than a Walmart on Black Friday. Imagine if the Urus was built with electric motors at each wheel with a significant output from the engine and electric motors. This would actually be setting a new precedent in terms of the SUV. Not to mention, this would open the doors for an electric Lamborghini to fight the big three.
  3. Turbocharged- Should the Urus skip the whole “hyrbid” thing, a turbocharger will be the next coolest thing. A twin-turbo Huracan V10 or an Audi sourced twin-turbo V8 would be unecessary, but so epically awesome. It actually would be cool to see the Urus optioned with one of Audi’s Diesel engines. Either way, a turbocharged engine would be a first for the company and what better way open an era than with a ground breaking product.
  4. Ferrari- What does Ferrari have to do with this? Well, like a post I made about the Estoque long ago, Lamborghini has a chance to make Ferrari say, “You know what, if Lamborghini can make SUV, then we can make SUV!” A man can dream, can’t he? I mean seriously, a Ferrari SUV, I don’t think it would happen. If the Urus is a success, maybe Ferrari will re-evaluate the option.



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