Koenigsegg x Cargine= Free Valve

So…the idea is an engine without Camshafts. In the days where, a Keurig can make a margarita and where phones can practically and efficiently operate a multi million dollar business, the phrase “divide by zero” is facing retirement. 

Long story short, a subsidiary of the Sweedish automaker Koenigsegg, with the name of Cargine , has developed a new evolution of the internal combustion engine, dubbed Free Valve. Apparently, this engine runs without camshafts. See what I mean by “divide by zero” facing retirement? 

This engine replaces the camshaft and throttle body with actuators atop each cylinder, which allows for each cylinder to independently controlled and for increases in power and fuel efficiency. You could essentially save the weight the Camshafts and throttle body, and be able to deactivate cylinders at will, or run either type of fuel (gas or diesel in separate tanks) even run it like a 2-Stroke for improved power delivery. While the Internal Combustion Engine is starting to become ancient, this may only be one of the many to come evolutions of the ICE.

I could explain some more about the engine, but I figured I could post a You Tube video, give credit to author(s), and share it on her for y’all to see. So here it goes…

Free Valve Technology by Cargine & Koenigsegg
Koenigsegg Engine Innovations



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