The Bugatti Chiron Sounds Epic.

If I could compare the exhaust note, from start up to revving, I’d describe the Bugatti Chiron as truly the most epic exhaust note ever…hands down. The Chiron looks extremely menacing, unlike the Veyron. The sound effects, however, make the Veyron sound scrawny and weak. While I do love the Koenigsegg Agera One:1 for its looks and sound, I think the Chiron is definitely tied for first place in those categories. 

Anyway, here probably the best video displaying the sound of the Chiron on the net right now. It was recorded by Supercars of Austria, which has to be the best clip of the Chrion’s exhaust note to date. So without further ado, The Bugatti Chiron- SOUND – Start Up & LOUD Revs!



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