We Want Performance Cars, Not Electric Cars

This is easily the best time for high performance vehicles. In the past few days of this month alone, several high performance cars have been spotted. From the Z/28 Camaro to the E63 AMG Wagon, it seems like performance cars are in demand, more than electric cars. To add to that list, Nissan just refreshed the GTR, Aston Martin is releasing a DB11 and a V8 Vantage, Ford could be producing s new Mustang variant (potentially the Mach I) and a new Gran Sport Vette. So this raises a question, is there truly a need to spot automakers from producing super powerful vehicles, in favor of electrics? 

I’d say no. I won’t lie, the idea and concept of the electric car, is perfect and flawed at the same time. While the fact that Tesla has proved, with the Roadster and Model S, that performance can be obtained via batteries, the process to make electric cars is as pricey as it is complicated. Not to mention, the process to get the contents of the batteries (mainly lithium), is most likely more harmful than CO2 emissions and a little burnt rubber.

As far as consumer demand goes, we still prefer the internal combustion engine, despite the older technology. Availability and price point for electric cars, isn’t where it would need to be. $30k is still a little too high for most and for the family of four or five, a $100k Model X is way out of the budget, whereas a $72k SRT8 Grand Cherokee, will offer more practicality and fun as well. 

That’s besides the point however. I can speak for all enthusiasts worldwide when I say, I’d rather see more biblical powered performance cars, than over-rated electric cars. I’d rather see more epic exhaust notes, whether it’s from an AMG V8 or the LT1 V8 than silence from the batteries. While the world may be ready for electric cars and CAFE standards, we don’t care about either. While Teslas are awesome, we can go without.

Not to mention, we probably get more excitement from videos of a revving Chiron and a Z/28 crashing at the Nurburgring, than we would with electric vehicles. 
In my opinion, I think automakers are better off pushing out the most brutal, unreasonable and unnecessary high performance vehicles, at this specific moment in time and still work on the development to make some of these cars powerful and efficient enough to still be considered high performance. 

If this was a letter to the industry as a whole, it would be addressed to all automakers. How about we make some high performance rides and save the electric cars for later? I mean, really. Even the most unnecessary cars would be warranted for the next couple of years. Let’s just put it like this. If I was the only person who could dictate what cars automakers produced atleast until the turn of he decade, we would see a metric ton of high performance V6, V8, V10, and V12 engines with mad horsepower and torque figures. Then once demand started declining, electric cars would be the way to go.


3 thoughts on “We Want Performance Cars, Not Electric Cars

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    1. True. However, a lot of the experience with a performance car has to be with the ability to modify, the soundtrack from the engine and the overall experience. While electric cars are growing each and everyday, unless they can mimic engine sounds and can be safely modded, I’d still like to have a GTR or a Lambo versus a Tesla.



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