5 Things to Not Do On the 4th of July While Driving.

It’s the Fourth of July! Well maybe I’m a day ahead but in all of the festivities, there’s just somethings you just don’t do. While it sounds like a good idea, and may be fun at the time due to varying levels of intoxication, it may not be a good idea. So here’s five things you don’t do, while driving on this wonderful holiday!

1. Drinking and Driving

This sounds cliche and like a “pubic service announcement,” it isn’t. First of all, should you decide that bottles of liquor, regardless of your taste, need to be consumed, the only reason other than risking yours and others lives, leads into my next reason.

2. It’s Quota Season Y’all…

What is “Quota Season?” Anytime of the month where police presence is increased for one main reason. Forget about the safety of the general public. These officers got to put food on the table, so during Quota Season, you are more likely to be pulled over for any and everything, than you would during the rest of the month. Thus officers fill their quota and hence the name…”Quota Season!”

3. Drive-by Roman Candle Fights Are Bad

I mean really. I don’t think pointing a Roman Candle at random people while operating a motor vehicle, has absolutely ZERO point. I mean, what happens if you accidentally get a spark in your eye?

4. Drive-by Fireworks Shows Are A No-No

Here’s a bright idea! Let’s take M-80s, Bottle a Rockets, and the “illegal in my state” fireworks, and detonate them while stopped at a stoplight. If you do this, I hope you have a spark sear your retina.

And thing number five…

5. Snapchatting While Doing All of the Above

I think your followers on Snapchat will be ok, with you not posting a Snap, while being intoxicated of the the legal limit, while doing any speed, participating in Roman Candle fight and shooting of random fireworks during the middle of quota season. I think we will be ok.

So there you have it…5 things to not do, during the 4th of July holiday. It’s ok to turn up one time, just be smart about it. 

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!!


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