6 Vehicles that Need a High-Performance Variant

This list features some of the most popular cars in their respective markets. However, these cars lack a specific model. For example, the Camry SE 3.5 is the top performance Camry model, but wouldn’t it be better if that same 3.5L V6 just so happened to have a couple of turbos surgically attached to it? So this list is about 6 Vehicles that Need a High Performance Variant. 

Toyota Camry

Like I previously mentioned before, while the V6 Model SE is not a bad performance car, a couple of turbos and some other mods in the braking, suspension and engine department, could make a mainstream family sedan a pure monster. I mean, doesn’t the Lotus Evora use the same engine?

Chevrolet Impala

I think I’ve picked on the Impala several times over the course of this blog. While I will admit, I like the new generation FWD models, especially the 2016 LTZ 2LZ version, and the last generation SS model with the 5.3L LS engine. These are a couple rides I’d like to see in the driveway, but a pure RWD SS with a 6.2L, even a 5.something liter V8 would be worth something. It would probably outlast the G8 and SS, especially with smoking rear tires. 

Nissan Altima

The Altima SE-R was the Altima’s claim to performance fame. With that being said, the return of a SE-R model would be more gab welcomed. I’m not saying drop a GTR twin-turbo 3.8 in it, but it wouldn’t be not welcomed. If all else fails, taking the 3.5 which has roots in other performance Nissan models would work.

Toyota Tundra

TRD Pro is a definate plus for the TRD division. It takes some of Toyota’s trucks and SUVs and turns them into off-road oriented beasts. However, the TRD Pro Tundra, while cool, cannot run with the Baja inspired SVT Raptor or the mammoth Ram Power Wagon. So let’s take what the TRD Pro Tundra does right and turn up the iForce 5.7L V8 and now you got a legit raptor fighter.

Cadillac XT5

Cadillac is the American answer to the German trio of Audi, BMW and Mercedes. In order to stay competitive with German supremacy, an XT5 with the “v” treatment, would bang with the likes of AMG, M, and Audi’s S lines. I don’t see the 650HP CTS-v engine, so maybe the 464HP twin turbo 3.6 engine would be the ideal choice. 

Mazdaspeed 3

The old company of the “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom” has taken on an image of “Snore, Snore, Snore.” The Miata is the only performance vehicle left in Mazda’s lineup and without any RX models (rotary engines), Mazda is more or less a Toyota without the Toyota image. The Mazdaspeed 3 was a fairly known hitter in the the sport compact market and with the Focus RS and others emerging in said market, Mazda should show its head. The Mazdaspeed 3 was done two times before…a three-peat is not out of the question. 



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