Not Your Average Muscle Cars

Most muscle cars fit a general profile. Long hood, short trunk, front engine, rear wheel drive, two doors, four seats. This list of muscle cars break the mold and are worlds different from the typical Camaro, Mustang, Challenger styling. 

Chevrolet Corvette SportWagon

I know what your saying. This doesn’t look right. This is a Chevy Corvette with a shooting brake design, seeing as there looks to be a hatch in the rear end. Well, this isn’t a factory model from GM. It’s definitely aftermarket, but even still, the hatchback addition to the rear end makes this an oddity.

Ford Wago-Stang

Just read the part about the Corvette and replace “Chevy Corvette” with “Ford Mustang” and “GM” with “Ford”. 

Chevrolet El Camino

Want a truck and a car? Want American Muscle and the ability to haul your junk without restrictions? Get an El Camino, the Car/Truck with muscle car power. 

Ford Ranchero

Same as above, just replace “El Camino with “Ranchero.”

Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser 455

Why would a station wagon be considered American muscle? On a technicality. This was the Dodge Magnum RT/SRT8 (LX Platform) before the it was even conceived. With that being said, the Vista Cruiser with the 455 was a 442 Cutlass with additional seating and doors.

Studebaker Super Lark

Considered to be the first muscle car, it was a competitive car, that was spawned a little too late. Considering that, its obscurity is in the fact that the Mustang is more widely known to be the first pony/muscle car.


Why is the AMC AMX odd? Because like it’s stablemate, the AMC Javelin, it never gained the mass popularity of Chevy, Ford and Mopar. It’s a good ride, but never gained the love that the big three offers got.


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