Choose Your Lambo: The Lamborghini Configurator

Originaly, this post was going to be about the new Aventador S. Then I read on Flipboard about a configurator for the Aventador S and that caught my attention off gate. Now, normally when I do reviews on car configurators, it features one main ride not the whole line. This time Lamborghini has a configurator for its whole line and that changed the whole scope of this post. My personal favorite was the CamaroSix which came with a whole app to boot! This time however, Lamborghini has a configurator, while not as interactive as the Camaro’s, still awesome. 

On the main page you get your pick of the liter, granted the liter is two cars with their various trim levels. If you want to build your dream Huracan you get to pick from the coupe and spyder in AWD or RWD forms. The Aventador does the same but, gives you only the coupe, roadster and the new S Coupe to choose from. Seeing as I am going to build multiple versions I’ll start with the Huracan Coupe. The options to choose from are a bit limited. You only get to choose the body color, rims, brakes and other details like the transparent bonnet and parking sensors. If you check out the interior, you really don’t get too many options there as well. Although you can change the color or details on the inside, your are greeted with Forza esq., factoids and the clip of the engine sound. Of course, if you hit finish, you can share to Facebook and other various social media outlets.

So I built my “Verde Mantis” or “Lime Green” Huracan and then decided to step up to the big daddy, Lamborghini Aventador. If you knew me personally, you would know that an Aventador or Murcielago SV would probably be in my dream garage so this configurator is where I’d be spending most of my time. 

I started with the coupe, because I just wanted to start with the Aventador coupe. Immediately, I noticed another set of options for the customize and I was in heaven. I can build the Aventador of my dreams and gawk at my creation. Sorta. The only additional add ons were carbon fiber, which where cool additives but, not really noticeable on my “Nero Pegaso” or “Black” Aventador. Still, my murdered out Aventador was still completely sick and like the Huracan I was greeted with factoids and an engine clip when I hit the internal view button.

Side Note: Does a special name like “Verde Mantis” or “Nero Pegaso” sound cooler than “Lime Green” and “Black?” 

Moving on…the Aventador Roadster was next. This time I was going to pick a special color like “Rossi Mars!” Which can be easier referred to a “Red!” I keep the carbon fiber away from this one and left the standard wheel on it. So far, the configurator has helped me design my future Lamborghini garage, but I still didn’t think it was the greatest. Surely, the Aventador S configurator would be the best.

Well, it wasn’t and was. By this point I discovered another new color, “New Giallo Orion” or “Yellow” but, now I had less options to choose from. Yellow Calipers and black wheels went for this one.

Overall, I like the Lamborghini configutor, I just thought that Lamborghini would have made it differently. Granted I still got to build my dream Lamborghinis, I wanted to take it a step further. I recommend using an iPad for the full experience. Here’s the link to the configurator and enjoy. It might be as in depth as some, or have an app like others, but it’s still pretty cool.



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