End of the Road: Cars that Didn’t See 2017

Every year, you can expect for several cars, loved and not, to reach the end of the road. Some of the cars that get discontinued are dsicontinued for various reasons. Whether it’s because it’s time for a refreshing with the next generation is set to launch or because cassette players sold more than the car did, some cars eventually face the axe. Here’s the list of cars for 2017. 

Dodge Viper- I personally think the Viper is dead due to reasons explained in a previous post. With the rise of the Hellcats and the Viper not being a high volume seller, the Viper will not see the 2018 model year.

Aston-Martin DB9- Other than the V12 Vanquish, Rapide and DB11, the DB9 is one of my favorite Aston Martins. Ironically enough, the DB9 has been replaced with the DB11. With that being said, the DB9 will have no problem reaching classic car status.

Rolls Royce Phantom– The most well known Rolls Royce of all time is seeing the end of production. Not because it was a slow seller or a bad vehicle, it was simply because Rolls Royce is planning the next generation with a all-aluminum architecture.

Chrysler Town & Country/Dodge Grand Caravan- On one side, the Town & Country is being replaced with the rebirthed Pacifica. So the Town & Country is living on with a different name. The Grand Caravan, on the other hand, has no replacement in sight.

Cadillac ELR- The Cadillac ELR was the answer to a question that nobody asked. It was the Chevy Volt, with a few more amenities, a Cadillac badge and higher price point. The ELR never caught on like the Volt and therefore, it is being discontinued.

Chrysler 200/Dodge Dart- Whenever I think of the Dart, I think of the commercial where the Dart was made out to be this amazing car. While it was popular, it couldn’t fill the void left by the Neon. The 200 was even more forgettable. Also remember Rule #1: Don’t use a legendary Mopar muscle car name for a compact sedan! It ain’t gonna work.

Cadillac SRX- The second Cadillac on the list is a different story. The SRX has always been fairly popular and it’s fate is only in the name. The SRX will be renamed XT5, which is the only change. What’s in a name anyway?

Hyundai Equus/Genesis- The Hyundai Equus and Genesis are actually becoming their own brand. Genesis is the luxury division of Hyundai and the Genesis and the long wheelbase Equus will become the G80 and G90 respectively.

Scion FR-S- Scion, as a brand, is dead. The FR-S is dead as well. Just like some of the other cars on this list, the FR-S is living on under another name. The only difference is, the FR-S has became a Toyota, by the name 86.

Scion tC- Although I feel that the tC should have seen the same fate as the FR-S and been sent to Toyota and revived the Celica nameplate, the tC was killed with Scion. The tC was one of Scion’s best if I do say so myself. 


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