The Reason Why the Old NSX was Better

Acura just recently released it’s “mainstream supercar” in the legendary NSX. This iteration followed suit with some of today’s supercars, combining the internal combustion engine with hybrid technology. The new NSX was resurrected with intention of returning Acura to a brand of innovation and performance. The NSX was originally made to give its owners Ferrari killing performance, with affordable (in the realm of supercars) pricing. 

Since the re-release of the NSX, only a few have been sold, with several more being delivered  within the year. With all of the hype surrounding the latest NSX, the sales are dismal. Considering the fact that the NSX is basically a halo-car, sales aren’t the main objective. Still, one sale in the course of a year, is disappointing. The lack of sales has nothing to do with performance or design, because the NSX is fairly competent. It’s for three main reasons. So, here are 3 reasons, why the old NSX is better than the new NSX. 

Before I continue, I’m not slamming the NSX, I’m just stating some facts from what I’ve seen on it. Tell me what you think about the new NSX in the comments below!

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  1. Pricing- At $158k, the NSX is indeed a bargain supercar. The Nissan GTR runs about $110k on a base level, the Porsche 911 runs around $160k, and there are dozens of other supercars in this territory. The price of the NSX, is about mid-range of supercars in this territory, which doesn’t stand out. The old NSX offered Ferrari killing performance, without the pricetag. Although the 1st gen NSX approached the $100k mark towards the end of it’s life, it was still a far cry from the Ferraris of it’s time. 
  2. Hybridity- And eventually, all supercars will probably go this route. Although, there are distinct advantages to having the addition of electricity to propel the car, it is still not a widely loved technology, with exception to the “Holy Trinity.” The old NSX was technologically advanced for it’s time, but was different for it’s time as well. For example, it was V6 powered, instead of 8, 10, and 12 cylinders, which was offered in it’s competition. The new NSX is technologically advanced, but isn’t doing anything that isn’t already being done.
  3. Being an Acura- Outside of the Integra, RSX, Legend, TL, CL, and NSX, Acura has never really been known for high performance. The cars that I previously listed, have been known to tear up some pavement, while the rest of the stable was jus gussied up Hondas. The old NSX survived as an Acura because, the badges were easily changed to Honda badges. The NSX was even badged as a Honda in Japan. Had the NSX been released as a stand alone brand under the moniker NSX, it would have been good for Honda as a company. Attaching Acura to the front of NSX, almost devalues the name. Not saying that Acura is a crappy brand, I’m just saying Acura should go the route of Infiniti and Lexus and develop as a luxury brand, with high performance cars, rather than introduce a supercar without a brand identity.


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