Is It Me or Does the New Accord look like a Charger?

I was reading a review on the 2018 Honda Accord and noticed a few more changes, other than a few design cues and updated options. Yes, the 2018 Accord was slightly more upscale than last models and yes, the interior of the car that was in the photos didn’t have a shifter (although there is still a six-speed manual transmission option, for those who want it). There was just one glaring design cue that stood out the most of all of the changes to the new Accord. The front fascia. Yes, the front end is upgraded and yes, it is good looking, but it’s appealing to me, due to one main reason. It looks almost exactly like a 2015-present Charger!

I know there is a major push for fuel economy, which can lead to certain aerodynamic and design touches to achieve maximum mpgs, but come on guys. Also, I know that the Accord is built in the good ole U.S. of A, but still, that doesn’t mean that all cars have to look alike. If you put a new Accord next to the current Charger, de-badged them, and covered everything up but, the front fascias, you would be able to tell the cars apart due to certain differences between the two. However, to the untrained eye, one would most likely say, “These two look alike!” The only thing that distinguishes the two cars are the badges and those subtle design differences, and that mostly has to do with me, being a car enthusiast and writer of a blog, know the differences.

The funny thing is, this isn’t the first time a Charger has looked like another car, or another car resembling a Charger. Recall the 2012-2014 SRT-8. If you put the SRT-8 of that time, next to the Mitsubishi Evo X, the front fascias looked similar, with the oversized grille being the part that makes them look alike.

Maybe its just a way of endearment. Like, the phrase “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Or maybe it’s a situation of trying to match the competition, like “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” I don’t know which it is, but this is becoming a trend. Next thing you know, every one is going to copy Teslas…if it already hasn’t happened.


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