6 of Ford’s Concepts that Would Have Been Successful Production Models

Not saying Ford really needs or needed help with their production lineup, just saying these concepts would have been successful as production models. Outside of their Ecoboost powered, performance models, the Mustang, the Explorer and their F-Series trucks, most of ford's lineup isn't really memorable. The Expedition falls in the shadow of the Explorer, the Edge and Escape, while strong sellers, don't offer more than the competition in their respective categories, in terms of pizazz. The Taurus, with exception to the SHO version, isn't really special, and the non-performance models of the Focus and Fiesta, are run-of-the-mill, rental lot queens. The concepts that I picked, aren't necessarily from this decade, put could have added the flair that ford could have used. Ford might not be a failing brand, but these concepts could have filled a few gaps that Chevy and Dodge left open. So here we go, 6 of Fords concepts, that would have been successful production models.

Ford Interceptor– Since the fall of the Crown Victoria, Ford hasn't had a full-size, RWD, four door sedan to compete with the always present Charger and the short-lived, but impactful SS from Chevy. The Interceptor would have eventually seen the Ecoboost treatment, but a enhanced 5.0L Coyote V8 would have fit right in with the likes of the Charger and SS. The interceptor would have also opened the door, for a Lincoln variant, which would have helped Lincoln compete with foreign competition and would have gave Ford a larger footing in the police vehicle market.

This Would Be Nice: A SRT fighting variant using either the 5.2 V8 out of the GT350, or the supercharged 5.0 out of the GT500.

Ford Bronco– While Ford is planning on resurrecting the nameplate, there are rumors that it won't be completely like the original, as an off-road oriented vehicle. The concept from way back, would fill two categories in fords line-up. The first would be adding a body on frame, SUV that ford hasn't had since the last generation Explorer. The Bronco would also fill the need for a head on competitor to the Wrangler as an off-road monster.

This Would Be Nice: A variant using the same formula as the Raptor, which would force a Hemi in the Wrangler.

Ford Evos- The Evos would have easily been a Tesla Model S fighter. Granted Ford would have to ditch the gull-wing doors in favor of a more traditional setup, lengthen the wheelbase a bit, and dropped the 2.0L engine for all-electric motors, they still could have seen success with the Evos in production. With that being said, they could even build an all-electric version and a hybrid version, which would have added a little flair to not only Ford's line, but to purpose built hybrids as a whole.

This Would Be Nice: Producing an all-Electric model, which could run with Tesla's "Ludicrous" mode.

Ford F-250 SuperChief- Yes, the F-Series truck line has the King Ranch and Platinum trim levels, which add ultra luxury to their trucks. However, the SuperChief trim would have forced the hands of Chevy and Ram. The SuperChief not only looked like a hyper-luxurious vehicle, it featured some pretty advanced technology for it's time as a concept. It also was powered by a 550HP V10, which would have been competitive then, and now. With that being said, the SuperChief combined technology, luxury, and power, which would have created a class of its own.

This Would Be Nice: A F-150/350/450 version. I call it…spreading the love.

Ford Airstream Concept– The Airstream concept's only issue, at least in my opinion, was that it was way too futuristic looking for it's time. However, with a few tweaks, the Airstream would have been revolutionary. Besides the plug-in hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain, which allowed for a 250+ mile range (more like 300 miles), it would have lessened Ford's carbon footprint, due to the fact that the sole emission from the Airstream was water vapor, which is harmless.

This Would Be Nice: An optional water tank to capture the vapor…no?

Ford-Shelby Cobra Concept- Saving the best for last, the Cobra concept, which is the most famous on this list, due to it's role in xXx: State of the Union, would have added more depth for Ford's performance models. The Cobra could have gotten away with a supercharged 5.0 or the concept's 645HP 6.4L V10. It was rumored to hit 267mph, which would have killed the McLaren F1's 248mph top speed, before the Veyron did. It would have kept Ford in the supercar game, while the GT was on hiatus and would have probably been pushed further up-market with the GT's return.

This Would Be Nice: Just give us a Cobra in general.


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