The 2019 Corvette Zora Better Not Look Like This!

The 2019 Corvette Zora Better Not Look Like This!

The next generation Corvette is set to transition to a mid-engine, RWD set-up, which Chevy has teased us with in the past, but we never thought would get the green light. That is, until the realization that the Corvette could not stay with it’s front engine setup, forever. So this morning, while scrolling, or should I say flipping, through the posts on Flipboard, I came across an Automobile Magazine post, which touched on the 2019 Corvette C8 Zora and the C7 ZR1. Outside of all of the performance promises, and design goodies, the one thing that stuck out to me was the obvious artist rendering at the top of the post. Which leads to this posts title, but I will get to that in a minute.

What to Expect from the 2019 Corvette C8.

The main thing to expect from the 2019 Corvette C8 and the Zora platform, is the mid-engine setup. The main issue with the Corvette has been it’s handling. When compared to a similarly designed vehicles, like the Dodge/SRT Viper or the upper-end of the Shelby converted Mustangs, the Corvette doesn’t handle as bad. However, the main competitor outside of U.S. borders is the Porsche 911, which may not out muscle the Corvette, but definitely out handles it. 

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Outside of the handling issue, Chevrolet wants to move the Corvette to a new level. One that can’t be obtained by keeping the Corvette, the same. Sure, purists and life-long fans of the Corvette (which I will partially include myself, because I figured the Corvette’s engine would move towards the middle of the chassis at some point) will probably blow a gasket (no pun intended), but at the end of the day, the C7, although the best Corvette to date, is limited to the current design. In order to advance, the C8 would have to be different. Along with changing the setup for the C8 Corvette, this would also open the door for other models, such as a Cadillac sports/supercar, which is featured in a post that will be coming up next week. Also, the mid-engine setup allows for an AWD Corvette, and the unavoidable twin-turbo V6, or hybrid drivetrain. I don’t know if Chevy is going to go that route, but it’s possible. If they do, can us loyal fans at least get a V8? The mid-engine setup opens up a lot of doors, not only in terms of performance, but in terms of design as well. Just please don’t make it look like this.

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Pictures of the 2019 Corvette C8


Like I said in the previous paragraph, please don’t have the C8 Corvette look like this. To me, this look more like something that we would see from a supercar start up, than from America’s most coveted sports/supercar. Maybe this is just a terrible angle, and yes, maybe I’m just so used to seeing the Corvette with a longer snout, but this does not seem like a Corvette. A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about what was then considered to be the C8 Corvette, and feel free to read it, but here are a few pictures of what I atleast thought was going to be the next Corvette.This is what I originally expected. Granted it’s more likely an artist’s rendering, it looks better than the other option, atleast to me. This design retains some of the beloved Corvette lines, and perfectly integrates the mid-engine platform. In plain English, this looks like a mid-engine Chevy Corvette to me, not something that would come from, like I mentioned at the beginning of this section, a start-up or foreign supercar brand. Of course, if this were to be the design for the Corvette C8 Zora, they would have to make it slightly longer to compensate for the various engines, and given the history of America’s sweetheart supercar, it would be foolish to expect the next generation to look exactly like the previous generation, but then again, Chevy could cheat on this one, and combine the look of the C7, with the design for the C8. We will officially know what we would be looking at during NAIAS 2018, where the C8 Corvette is set to make its grand appearance.

2019 Corvette C8 Price.

Just like the final design for the Corvette C8, there’s no telling the price of the C8. Yes, developing a mid-engined setup is more costly, than a front-engine setup. Yes, the Corvette is on the higher end of the price spectrum. However, the current generation Corvette, the C7, starts around $40-50k, with the C7 Z06 pushing $100k, and the C7 ZR1 expected to be around $105k, five grand above the Z06. The Zora, could start around $65k or higher depending on what Chevy sets the price to. Maybe, this drastic change would allow the Corvette to move further up market, and offering upper-echelon performance and quality, combined with a legendary nameplate, for a fraction of the cost. Like I wrote in the first post about the C8 Corvette, $150k for a ZR1, is possible. 

What are your thoughts of the next generation Corvette? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Please let me know in the comments section below this post. Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “The 2019 Corvette Zora Better Not Look Like This!

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  1. That was an awesome post. Detailed and well segmentes.

    I totally agree that the new Corvette should not like the one in the image.
    Corvette has always had a masculine stylish design, the silver one looks as if it following the Lamborghini’s footsteps in the design department, hope it doesn’t happen and Corvette sticks to it’s signature design


  2. I agree. Keep the Corvette looking like a Corvette, but with styling upgrades to keep it fresh looking and modern. The concept photo above looks like the styling of a electric or hybrid vehicle: nothing wrong with that, but not for America’s sports car. Performance is one thing, but, in my opinion, the look is what first catches the eye. Nice post!

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  3. I personally like the pick of the silver colored c8 I still think the actual car should look a little different front bumper. like the head lights. I f they do it like this silver one and it is successful, then the c9 I think should evolve the c8 to look more like the mid engine corvette Daytona car with a wider skirt look. I think a street version of the Daytona race car would look hot! Also bring over the same Corvette Daytona wing as an option. Daytona edition. etc.

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