6 Automakers That Could Build a Supercar

6 Automakers That Could Build a Supercar

Guess who’s back!

I’ve had a lot of stuff going on including trying to bolster the Instagram and Pinterest accounts for The Car Files. Usually, I try to post blog posts here daily, but I think I’ll post something on here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will be the best way to go about things. With that being said, the new schedule starts today. New Posts at 6 PM by the way.

Supercars have always captured the attention of the masses. While household names like Aventador, 812Superfast, and Ford’s GT are the championship contenders of today, legendary nameplates like Enzo, Murcielago, and Carrera GT were the forerunners for today, and Miura, F40, and 989 dominated the past. Nowadays, the way technology is, any automotive brand can theoretically develop a Supercar. With that being said, there are many automakers haven’t made one yet.

I understand that there has been a boom in SUVs, and a Supercar isn’t the most profitable automobile, there are ways around it. For example, Nissan’s GTR pushes north of 600HP, depending on which trim, out of a twin turbo 3.8L V6. That power plant is even capable of 16/22 MPG! So that doesn’t mean hulking V12s are a necessity to qualify a Supercar. So here are 6 automotive brands, that could successfully make a Supercar!


The Lexus LF-A was more or less a halo car for Toyota, and it proved to be successful, within reason. With that being said, the company that built some impressive sports cars could easily produce the “Toyota of Supercars.” We are talking about the company that donated engines to the Lotus Elise, Exige, and Evora. They could use the 3.3L V6, add a twin turbo setup and birth something that would completely rival the GTR placing it in the realm of Supercars. It might not be called a Supra, but something similar to the FT-1 wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Let’s face it. The ATS-v and CTS-v, rival the best from Germany. It would make sense for Cadillac, as the luxury brand from GM, to produce a Supercar. Referring back to my post about the upcoming Zora Corvette, the XLR could make a return to the Cadillac line, using the Corvette’s platform. Cadillac could also pull the Cien nameplate out of the old concept car bin. A special version of a twin turbo LT5 engine would power this beast and the “v” treatment would round off the Caddy Supercar.


The Viper is dead, and the Demon is really a Supercar in the muscle car category. So where does that leave Dodge? Ford has the GT, and Chevy has the Corvette (with the Mid-Engine Zora platform to come), so Dodge could use a Supercar in the ranks. We already have an engine in the Hellcats, and the more extreme Demon, so sourcing an engine wouldn’t be a problem. Also, unlike the other automakers on this list, Dodge has already made a Supercar (within reason) with the Viper. Maybe the Viper might return from slumber or a whole new beast may be birthed. Expect SRT to host this build.

Rolls Royce

This idea is the most farfetched on this list, but still plausible. Rolls Royce has always and will remain to be a luxury brand, but a Supercar based off of the Wraith wouldn’t be the worst thing. Granted the most the “Rolls Royce” of Supercar would turn out to be is a lighter, more performance oriented Wraith, and it would slot in at the lower end of the Supercar spectrum, with a higher price, a Rolls Royce going ape on the Nurburgring would pretty epic if you ask me.


When you really think about it, a Supercar from Bentley isn’t as farfetched as one from Rolls Royce. The EXP-12 Concept shows the design capability, and the Continental Super Sports shows the performance capability. The Hunadaries concept also demonstrates some capacity for a Supercar as well. Although it would be a long-shot, we are talking about the company that built an SUV that was capable of near 190 mph speeds.


When Genesis separated itself from Hyundai, they solidified their status as a luxury brand. Granted they need a few more additions other than a Supercar, like an SUV and the return of the Genesis coupe which would fill a slot for a sports car, a Supercar would be welcome. With Hyundai flirting with high performance with its “N” designation, I wouldn’t be surprised if something comes out soon.


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