Can Cadillac Build A Supercar?

Can Cadillac Build A Supercar?

Way back in 2002, Cadillac built the Cien. A 750HP, Northstar V12 powered Supercar. The Cien was Caddy’s attempt at building something that they weren’t known for. Fast foward to 2004, Cadillac built the Corvette inspired XLR and the subsequent XLR-v. Again, a Northstar powered sports car from a brand, known for luxury land yachts. Now that Cadillac is positioned against German rivals, can Cadillac build another supercar to take on the world?
They can and they need to.

With the CTS and ATS comfortably aimed at the German holy trinity of Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, they could more than use a supercar to add to it’s ranks. It’s not like they can’t, and it’s not like they shouldn’t.

They have already attempted it a couple of times and in order to remain relevant, something to battle the R8, AMG GT, and the new 8-Series, is more of a need than want. They have a couple of options to do so as well. If they go the route of the Cien, it would be successful, and if they go the route of the XLR, it would be more successful than the last go around.

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Cadillac Cien

A Cadillac Cien could use the same power plant as the CTS-v, using the same 6.2L 640HP V8. If they wanted to, they could use the Z06’s 750HP supercharged V8, which would be perfect at running with, if not beating, some of the supercars in the world today. Cadillac could also go the route of Audi, by offering a tweaked N/A 6.2 and a twin-turbo or supercharged 6.2L V8.

The car, which I’ll call Cien, could also be built on the new Zora Corvette platform, making it easier to finesse a Cadillac supercar. They would want a direct competitor to the Corvette, so they wouldn’t be able to go all-out with it, but the VW group found plenty of success with offering the R8 and Gallardo/Huracan simultaneously.

Cadillac XLR

Let’s say, Cadillac decides to resurrect the XLR, this would be just as successful. The XLR was originally a rebadged Corvette. With Chevy rumoring to move the Corvette to a mid-engine setup, this would allow Cadillac to take over the classic Corvette setup. Should the Zora platform not be a success for the Corvette, the XLR would be it’s equal as a luxury grand tourer, leaving they Corvette as the go-to and the XLR as the giant killer.

Like I highlighted before, Cadillac had an army of engine choices. In the days where twin-turbo V6’s are as fashionable as pop sockets on cell phones, the 410HP twin turbo 3.6 with some additional umph, would slot the super-Caddy slightly under the Corvette, while still being a contender. A 6.2 LT1 V8, in various iterations, could push the super-Caddy well above the Corvette and into HyperCar territory. The last option would be the return of the Northstar engine, which would not only be welcomed, but would resurrect a classic Cadillac option.

Outside of engines, Cadillac has plenty of GM performance and technology at their disposal. Between magnetic ride control, which is seen in a large amount of GM cars to electric drivetrains, as seen with the Chevy Bolt, which could be used in the super-Caddy.

Price of a Super-Cadillac?

Of course, the pricing would be well over $150k, but this super-Caddy shouldn’t expect high volume sales. It would more or less be a limited run model, until sales show otherwise. If the sales were to exceed expectations, Cadillac would have a winner.

So can Cadillac build a supercar? Yes. Should they build a supercar. Definitely. With their growth to foreign, luxury brands fighter, it would be fairly beneficial. I mean,  seriously, wouldn’t a Cadillac supercar be an interesting addition to the realm of supercars?

What do you think? Do you think Cadillac could build a supercar? Leave your comments in the box below!

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    1. I was more or less referring to something that is more exotic. Yes, the CTS-V is a 640HP monster, but it would be cool to see a Cadillac supercar running with a Huracan.



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