Now I Want A Huracan!!!

So if you have been following my Instagram (@thecarfilesofficial), you would know that I just had the most epic ride-along in a Lamborghini Huracan, thanks to Lamborghini Carolinas in Greensboro, NC. During the ride, I learned a few things about the Huracan. The main thing I learned about the Huracan was…well…it’s a friggin beast.

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Side note: This post is based off of my personal experience with the subject car.

From the three driving modes which range from a bull which hasn’t been provoked, all the way to a raging bull in the middle of a bullfight, to the surprising level of comfort, and the fact that the addition of a turbo would make this thing absolutely monstrous, the Huracan, if my finances allowed, would be my choice for my first Supercar.

Don’t get me wrong. Besides the fact that this Huracan was the first Supercar I’ve ever sat in, let alone ride in, the Aventador (which I also got the chance to sit in) is a must have in any garage,m. To add to that, the Murcielago LP-670 SV, will always be my dream car, so what makes the Huracan so special?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s the fact that for the person who wants the Lamborghini experience, without the Lambo doors and the massive blind spots, the Huracan is perfect. Not saying the Aventador is a bad vehicle, which judging off the few feet I actually rode in it, I understand why the optional backup camera (keyword: optional) is more or less an necessity. No lie, I love the Aventador and it’s predecessor, the Murcielago (the LP-670 SV, to be specific), but I’d want something more…livable.

Ideally, if I had the option to purchase my first Supercar and had a virtually unlimited budget, I’d go with the Huracan. First of all, it’s a meant to be the daily driver that turns into an angry bull/velociraptor hybrid at the push of a button. Second, the overall car itself is geared towards the creature comfort loving, race car driver with the display and most of the buttons allow the driver to stay focused on the road. Meaning, it’s easy to turn on the heated seats, while breaking 150mph in Corsa. Third, it’s a Lambo, and who wouldn’t love that!

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Did I mention that it’s surprisingly comfortable? With the car being so low to the ground, anyone would have thought the ride would have been harsh, but what should you expect from a $200k car. With that being said, the lack of Lambo doors isn’t all bad, seeing as the Huracan is meant to be the everyday Lambo.

Long story short, while I didn’t get to drive the Huracan (one day I’ll be able to) I got to experience the Huracan. To sum up the experience, the Huracan is like a Bull. Docile when left alone, but when poked, kill mode is engaged and this docile creature becomes…well…not docile.



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