Definition of a Hypercar

Hypercars? What are Hypercars?

The definition according to a few sources is a car that uses advanced technology and materials to achieve the best fuel economy with high speed. I don’t truly agree this definition due to the fact that there’s more to a Hypercar.

What’s my definition? Keep reading.

To me, a Hypercar is the elite level of a supercar. Whether it uses a quad turbo W16 or four electric motors, a Hypercar is built to out perform any competition. Some are much more efficient than others in terms of fuel economy, others produce astronomical horsepower numbers. Lets not forget about exclusitivity. I’ll provide a few examples for Hypercars by my definition. I would go in depth on my selections but I’d bore you with the factual stuff. I’ll just give y’all a synopsis of why.

Non-Hybrid Hypercar


Bugatti Veyron
The Super Sport model is actually electronically limited to keep the tires from disintegrating. Not to mention The use of hydraulics to increase high speed handling.


Koniegsegg Agera
Its just that cool. 1300HP for the One:1.


McLaren F1
Hypercar royalty. Hypercar legend. 1998. First to use the carbon-fibre monocoque chassis, gold lined engine bay for heat disapation, 243mph without the limited.

Hybrid Hypercar


McLaren P1
903 combined horsepower. 727 from a 3.8L V8, 176 from an electric engine. Isn’t that more than a Prius and a half from the electric motors. Formula one technology with street car design.


Porsche 918
A plug-in electric supercar. That alone upgrades it to Hypercar status simply but a 2.2 second 0-60 time is what really pushes the point home.


It was a beast on Forza Horizon 2. I guess 950hp when KERS is in effect, is the reason why. Other than that, it’s another F1 inspired ride from the boys in Maranello.

Future Arrivals


LM2 Streamliner
So I’ve heard about this car somewhere in the internet. It’s an American supercar. I define it as a hypercar because of the numbers it is suppose to be able to achieve. 1700hp and 290mph. Umm dude…what. Not only are you saying that you will go the fastest but your saying you have the horsepower equivalent of roughly seven Toyota Priuses. Only time will tell, maybe a review in that is coming.


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