The Rumour Has It

Ok. So before I begin, I’m going to make one single thing clear. Keep this in mind while you are reading. I am not saying these rumours, about certain cars, that are supposedly returning to dealerships are not true. If I do say never and the cars don’t come back, I look like a genius. Alternatively, if I say never and they do return, my credibility (which at this early point in this blog is slim at best) is shot and I look like a idiot.

To add to that, I’m thinking from the perspective of someone who is in the decision making group of these Automakers. I’m also analyzing the situation and even though I am a enthusiast and I’d love to see these rides make a return, it will either happen or it won’t.

Now for the rumour…

Facebook is like Fox News and CNN to some people. “If it’s on Facebook, then it must be true”. So you must be telling me that if I post a picture on a unheard of and crapily designed website, with an equally crapily photoshoped/rendered car, then by all means it’s gotta be true. Well in that case, I’m going on Facebook ( to post the new 2016 Chevy Nova, the 2017 Ford Pinto and the 2016 Chrysler Hemi Duster.

There are two cars that are running around Facebook, getting our hopes up for returns. Now keep in mind what I said at the beginning. These rides from the terrorist websites are the Chevelle and the Torino. Now while it would be awesome to see these cars make a come back, there is a slight glitch in the system.


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I’ll start with the Chevelle. First of all, the renderings aren’t too bad but I don’t understand why the renderings look the way they do. Secondly, where would Chevy place the Chevelle in the line-up. The Camaro and Corvette are so close in pricing and power it would be hard and/or senseless to revive the nameplate (Camaro pricing is roughly 20k to 70k and Corvette pricing is roughly 40k to 100k+). It would ask for the Corvette to move further upmarket and that leads to another issue. Engine/power. Chevy would have to make it more powerful than a ZL1 and that moves into Corvette range. However, there is a way to make this happen.

A Chevelle would have to be built on the Camaro/ATS platform. Maybe even a stretched version. Enginewise, the ZL1, or ZR1 engine could be an option, or even a move powerful version of the new LT engines. Reducing the amount of technology would have to happen in order to create separation between the Camaro ZL1 and Chevelle. That would aid as a selling point due to it going back to muscle car glory days, with raw straight line performance. SS only trim.


I’m not saying the Chevelle is a bad idea. It could add more drama to the muscle car wars by forcing Ford and Chrysler’s hands. Think back to the 70s. Chevelle vs. Gran Torino vs. Cuda, Roadrunner, or even Superbird. It would make for a classic battle for the new generation. It would also be a Halo car for Chevy just to show off what they could really do with future Camaros. Personally, I think, just like y’all, that it would just be really cool to see a reborn iteration of a legend.

The whole issue that GM would face with the revival of the Chevelle is where it would fit in the line-up as well as separating the Chevelle from the Camaro. It can be done, but it wouldn’t be easy. The best thing to do would be introduce it at a major car show. Then making it for a short, few year run. Should the short run be successful and competition comes from the other American manufacturers, then it could have a longer lifespan. Now, I would start talking about the Torino, but I think I should leave y’all in suspense for The next post stay tuned…



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