The Rumour Has It Part 2

Last week I talked about the rumours Of the Chevy Chevelle. It was just my take on the situation and in my opinion I doubted that it could happen. I also did never say never as well. This week I’ll discuss the competition from around the corner. Ford and this rumour of the Torino GT.

Before I begin, I would like to thank any and everyone who read that post. It set a record for most views and visitors in a day. Thank yall.

Now for the Torino GT.


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Unlike the Chevelle, I could actually see Ford reviving the Torino. It wouldn’t be a bad fit between the Mustang and GT and with careful planning, the Torino would not take away from the Mustang.

First of all, the Mustang has stood the test of time and therefore developed a loyalist following. This means that no matter what performance vehicle Ford puts out, people will still buy Mustang’s. The Torino would slot in as a alternative to the loved Mustang and pricing it somewhere between the GT and the GT500 would work. They also could push it upmarket to the 70k to 80k range in a short run and it would sell. Also, Ford is a beast at “follow the leader”, and this would prompt GM to bring back the Chevelle, and add another snake in the form of “King Cobra”, which could give the Viper a run for its money.

Engine wise, entry level editions could have an Ecoboost option and the King Cobra would have a slightly, and I mean slightly, detuned version of the GT500s supercharged 5.8. It makes me wonder if the Hellcat Challenger could survive the venomous bite of the Torino. The 5.8L is too much? A more powerful Coyote 5.0 isn’t too much to ask is it? Is too much power, too much? No, never.

It is also a good idea to leave the modern stuff out. The Torino should retain a true muscle car heritage, by not building it to beat a GTR around the Nurburgring. It should be able to beat the GTR in a straight line though. Save the carbon fibre and industry first technology for the Mustang, this one should be old school and all about the straight line quarter mile.

There is only one problem, which is not the subject car. Its Ford themselves. I haven’t really seen Ford make excessive badge engineered cars. I also haven’t seen Ford make more vehicles than they need. That’s the reason why I doubt a Torino GT resurrection. If they did, it would probably be a Halo car meaning, it would only be made for a few years just to show off what they can do.

There is a bright side however. Ford has the room to make it, and should the Torino GT make a return we would have a more interesting muscle car war for this generation. It may also prompt resurections from other muscle car manufacturers. I think the Torino GT would be formidable opponent.

Ask Starsky and Hutch…they won’t mind it. Cue the 70s music!


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