Straight Outta the Graveyard: Oldsmobile Aurora

Most of y’all don’t even remember the Oldsmobile Aurora. I wouldn’t say it was a muscle car due to the fact that it was a luxury car. I owned one and I must say that for the time, it was a pretty awesome car.


Built from 1995-1999 and then reborn from 2001-2003, at Oldsmobile’s demise, this was meant to be a European luxury car fighter. Powered by a pretty potent Northstar V8 and a Shortstar V6 for it’s second run, had Olds lifeline not ran flat, there was some potential here. The little known autobahn package added a 3.71 final drive and 140mph top speed, which I tested to verify.

While they were plagued by FWD and GMs habitual genocide of its automakers, the Aurora wasn’t too bad. The interior was a designed to look like a cockpit and the structure was so tough it had to be tested with a machine built to test trucks because it broke the other one. As a matter of fact, and a unknown one at that, the engine powered the Shelby Series I…hmmm…Carol Shelby thought it wasn’t too bad.


Nowadays, there are some still running and others have been doomed to the graveyard. I miss the one I had. I actually could have bought it back but the tranmission had blown up. Well, one day I get another…maybe…well maybe not they are starting to get harder and harder to find.


If you are an Oldsmobile Aurora owner and need help with repairs, check out the Aurora Club of North America. They have post upon post of 1st and 2nd generation Aurora repairs. The guys who are on there are very helpful and extreme innovative if mods are your thing. Their site is Check them out.


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