Producing Lightning in an Olds

Question 1: What does 442 stand for?
Answer 1: 4 Barrel Carb, 4 Speed Transmission, and dual (2) exhaust.

Question 2: Which 442 Cutlass is this post about?
Answer 2: An 80s model Cutlass. More specifically, a Hurst 442 Cutlass.


In the 80s the last true 442 Cutlass was produced, in my opinion. The 90s meant front wheel drive and 4 bangers, which just doesn’t count. This is a Hurst Cutlass which is one of my favorite versions with my favorite being the 442 W30, which if I had a chance to find and own one, I’d drive it like I stole it. This was a G-Body model powered by a 5.0L V8. This one has a special trick. This also leads to the last question of this post.

Question 3: How does one produce lightning in a Hurst Olds?
Answer: Hurst Lightning Rod Shifter.


This was an early itteration of the semi-auto transmission. It allowed the driver to shift fears using the sticks. I was told that, this setup is built to shift your Hurst Olds like it was a manual while still allowing you to use it as an automatic transmission. While it looks confusing, it isnt. Just make sure you don’t grab the wrong gear at the wrong time.

This example was at Our Dream Auto Museum and Restorations in Mooresville, North Carolina. If you ever ride through Race City USA, check them out.



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