The Tesla Model X is Here…

Tesla, coming off of it’s unheard of, perfect Consumer Reports score, is finally giving us the follow up to the beastly Model S. After delays and much speculation, the Model X is being released today. That’s right, today. So what should we be expecting from the electric Crossover? Keep reading to find out.


Apparently, the price tag is going to be $5000 higher than the Model S, due to the larger size and higher complexity of the Model. Fully loaded, you could be looking at $140k out the door, before all of the government benefits and stuff. If you want to get “ludicrous”, $10k will get you that. The features include some of the latest technology and also the “Falcon Wing” rear doors. The Model X Signature Edition features more technology. Outside of the basic convienences, there are even autopilot features such as self parking.

Well, the long awaited Model X is only days away from driveways. While it is an impressive piece of technology, at $100k plus, what point does it have? It might just be for Tesla and Elon Musk to say “Oooo..Look at what I can do. Just imagine what you can do, if you make a deal with me.” The Model X in my opinion is to generate more side deals using Mr. Musk’s equipment.


Besides that, The Model X is innovative. I’ve seen 0-60 numbers in the low 3 second range, and with the $10k ludicrous package and the most attractive piece had to be those doors. The signature edition, that will be released at launch, is this same vehicle, with a few extra perks and a $132k price tag.


The Model X is a sculpted piece of art but, the sad reality is…most of us won’t be able to get it. It is a very nice car in its own right, it’s just that, if I were to buy crossover for the purpose of a crossover, being a family vehicle, I’d buy a Buick Enclave and then have enough left over for a new Camaro SS. I’d probably, still have some money left over for a supercharger and dinner for 4 at the Cheesecake Factory. Then again, why not combine those two in one and still go the the Cheesecake Factory.

Competition wise, the only companies I can see you producing a vehicle comparable to the Model X are Toyota and well…maybe just Toyota. Toyota is another big hitter in alternative fuels and if Toyota were to make an EV and Lexus trim, we might be see a nice battle occur. I’ve even seen Aston Martin and, if I remember correctly, Porsche or Mercedes-Benz threatening their own Model X fighters.


Photograph Credits to the Photographer

All in all, the Model X is another page in Tesla’s book. They already proved what they can do with a Roadster and a sedan (Model S), so now let’s see what can be done in the crossover game.

Update: Should you decide you want one now, your out of luck until next year. Tesla isn’t taking new reservations until 2016, if you make reservations off of Tesla’s website. The price is also updated too. The Model X starts at $71k and reaches $96k for the performance edition.



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