NAIAS 2016: The Buick Avista

When your grandparents decided to buy a Buick back in the day, they bought an amazing example of American engineering and design. As time progressed and the 90s and early to mid 2000s came, GM decided that badge engineering was the way to go and if you had a Buick, it either had 28″ rims or you preferred to walk…but your grandparents didn’t! Nowadays, with aid from the Chinese, Buick has been on a rampage to return to their former luster and the Avista is one concept, that asserts that point.

First of all, the Avista is beautiful. It’s gotta be the most beautiful concept car I’ve seen since the Lamborghini Miura a while ago. It’s a 2+2 sports coupe based on the Camaro platform, which could do wonders. Add in the 400HP twin-turbo six from the other GM rides with the Alpha platform and we might be on to something. Not to mention, this would be built on the “RWD” Alpha platform, which would make it RWD. A tire smoking Buick, sounds like fun! It almost reminds me of an Aston Martin but with Buick’s new design direction. It’s a 2+2 coupe that can fit a couple of adults in the back. 

Truth be told, the Avista Concept isn’t too impossible to build. It looks like it could actually be a prototype for a production ready vehicle. It’s nothing outrageous and it’s not too bland. Also consider the fact that Buick could use something to fill the void, left by the the Grand National. The Avista is the perfect car for Buick at this point in time. 

Buick…if you care about your potential fans…build it. Please!?!?




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