Nissan Titan Warrior: Raptor Hunting

Shhh…Be wery, wery quiet. I’m hunting wRaptors!

Between the TRD Pro Tundra, z71 Chevy, and Ram Runner and Rebel, nothing has really gave the SVT Raptor a real challenge. The Raptor’s stat sheet is and was extremely impressive and the reviews yielded just as impressive stats. Of course, the SVT Raptor is probably the most beastly, off-road production truck that has been made. Nissan has been missing in the mix, due to the age of the last generation Titan. Now, the Titan has been refreshed and it’s long overdue. Now, Nissan with its new Titan, seeks the SVT Raptor’s throne…and it’s not playing any games…at least in concept form.

Ok so we have a 5.0. Cummins Turbo-Diesel, monster 37″ tires with custom 18″ rims, 3 inches taller and 6 inches wider than the standard XD Titan, and of course all of the cool off-road suspension goodies. LED lighting all around and an overall more aggressive design as well. The engine doesn’t feature more power, so your getting the same drivetrain as the standard XD, with 310HP and 555lbs-ft torque.

The concept features a matte grey paint job with orange accents, which also adds to the concepts aggressiveness. The color scheme is also on the inside of the Titan Warrior, with the Titan logo in the headrests. The Warrior trim seems to be somewhat luxurious, with seemingly no sacrifices of luxury. 

Going back to the outside, like I said before, the Titan Warrior looks like a beast. Where the Raptor looks like a Baja truck with a anger management issue. The Titan Warrior looks like something out of Halo. It almost gives off an impression of a Warthog…with accessories like doors. Strap a .50 caliber machine gun to the truck bed and it would be perfect for an alien invasion or at least guerilla warfare. 

The only issue Nissan will face has to be the lack of power that the Titan Warrior has. The old SVT Raptor has a roaring 6.2L V8 has 411HP and 434lbs-ft of torque. The 2017 model will have the twin turbo, 3.5L Eco-Boost V6, which might spit out 450HP and a truck load of torque. Torque might not be an issue, but 310HP is meager at best. Nissan will at least need 400 or better, which might be easier to get out of the 5.6L gas V8. They could go extreme and add another turbo! I can dream…right?

Well, the Titan Warrior might be the trick for Nissan for their relevancy in the truck world, shifting the Titan to a serious contender, in a market dominated by the big three. Of course, the Titan Warrior is still a concept and in my book, it has to be the number one concept at the NAIAS. Nissan, make it…just add a few more ponies. If y’all really love your fans and enthusiast worldwide, drop a GTR engine in it. Yeah, I’m still dreaming over here. 



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