Why Not Warm Your Car Up?

People. I know that various sources on the Internet are saying that warming your ride up on a brisk winter morning is harmful to your engine, but there’s gotta be another side to this story. It’s kinda like choosing between liver damage and frostbite; which is worse? 

While the science behind the detriments from warming your car up, have some truth, what about the negatives about not warming your car up. Well here is a list for y’all to read, real quick.

  1. Shock Therapy-  Whenever you cold start your car, especially in winter weather advisory conditions, you virtually send your engine and transmission and other vital components into shock. These parts weren’t allowed to warm up. They were instantly expected to run perfectly without a chance to get themselves together, honestly. I mean…do you like to run outside butt naked in the middle of 15 degree weather, snow and ice? No. Yeah, I thought so.
  2. Oil and Fluid Flow- This requires no type of car knowledge to figure out. If you sit a bottle of water, a bowl of potato soup, a quart of engine oil outside during winter weather conditions, what is going to happen to them? Well let’s see, the water will freeze but the soup and oil will thicken up. Why? Science. Long story short, cold weather affects oil flow and that put more strain on other components as well as your engine. 
  3. Driving- Can you drive with a sheet of ice  over your windshield? If you answered yes to that question, then you must also be able to divide by zero! When you hit the nifty defrost button, especially while you are warming your car up, voodoo magic aids in defrosting your windshield! So even if you could careless about engine or drivetrain damage, your safety and the safety of others is helped when you defrost your windows. This is most effective when you are warming your car up in the cold winter morning.

So which is worse, liver damage or frostbite? I don’t know…depends on your preference.


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