2017 Lexus LC500: The Stealth Bomber 

In my opinion, the LC500, is not only one of the most visually stunning concepts from Lexus in recent memory, but the best from the NAIAS 2016. As a matter of fact, this is a big, expensive and Herculean powered luxury coupe set to battle with the Germans. The LC500’s main competition? The SL-Class from Mercedes-Benz and the 6-Series from BMW. With near 500 horses and a new 10-Speed automatic transmission, the LC500, in standard form, seems like a formidable competitor. What other goodies does the LC500 have? Keep reading.

The LC500 has the RC F’s 467HP, 389lbs-ft 5.0 V8, which pushes the LC to 60mph m, in 4.5 seconds. The engine is mated to a 10 speed automatic transmission, like I previously mentioned, which is supposed to shift as fast as dual clutch transmissions from competition. Long story short, there is no manual transmission here but you still get to burn up the two rear wheels.

Lexus doesn’t really define the LC500 as a sports coupe like its predecessors SC and LFA. Ironically enough, the LC500 has sports car components, like 6 piston brake calipers up front with 4 piston out back, an optional carbon fibre roof, an active rear spoiler, 52/48 weight distribution, and the use of magnesium and aluminum in conjunction with carbon fibre. So “sports car” is definitely in the conversation.

The styling is aggressive and stealthy in my opinion. The way this car could have gone with overly futuristic design features would have been a turn off for me. The basically used existing design touches and pushed and pulled them as far as possible to achieve what we now know as the LC500. The inside looks like a proper cockpit for a premium sports…er…premium luxury coupe. 

The next question is…when are we going to see an F edition of the LC? In due time, first we are going to need forced induction. A twin-turbo 5.0L V8 pushing 550 or 600HP would put it in the class of the AMG and M. Other than that, the LC is already ready for an F model. There really is no need for anything else due to the fact that in its current form, it already looks like a Lexus in F form. Just know that it’s coming. 

Price-wise, numbers haven’t been revealed but we can imagine that the LC500 will start around $100k and a F version will start north of these numbers. 

The LC500 is what Lexus needed to fill the void left by the SC and LFA. The LC500 seems more like an advanced SC than a downgrade of a LFA. The LFA was a awesome car but it’s price point was way too outrageous for what it offered and I think Lexus, realizing what they did wrong before, made the proper corrections to make the LC500 a competitor to German superiority. The LC500, at least to me, is the stealth bomber Lexus has needed since retiring the LFA.




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