Cadillac CT6: S-Class Fighter 

Back in the day, the big boy, flagship Caddy was probably a Fleetwood or Deville and that depended on a couple of standards. For one, the term “Flagship Cadillac” really meant the biggest and baddest land yacht. The other standard was…well there really wasn’t one. Sure, Cadillac has always been a luxury brand but in comparisons to the Germans, Cadillac couldn’t compete…until recently.

The CTS, XTS and ATS are encroaching on German territory, which is style, luxury, refinement and performance. The Escalade is still a premium choice for large SUVs and the SRX, for smaller crossovers. Still there was a major gap that needed to be filled and the last car to fill it, was the FWD Deville. So now, along with new nomenclature (naming scheme), we now have the CT6, which takes aim at the top level sedans from the Germans (S-Class, 7-Series, A/S8). What does the CT6 do differently from the past? Your about to find out.

The Cadillac CT6 starts off sideways from the past, with something that is far left. It’s 1,000lbs lighter than the S-Class. Yes, I am telling you that a Cadillac, no a FLAGSHIP Cadillac is several pounds lighter than a sports car. Side note: The CT6, when equipped with the 2.0L turbo four weighs roughly 14lbs less than a Jaguar F-Type, equipped with a V8 in its S trim. Secondly, there is no V8 model. Yes, a FLAGSHIP Cadillac without a eight cylinder option. Already, the CT6 is worlds different from the flagships of the past. This is starting to get kind of odd.

So…what powers the CT6? A 2.0L turbo four as I previously mentioned and an all new twin-turbo 3.0 V6, pushing 404HP and 400lbs-ft of torque. That contributes to this newfound lightness. The V6 is paired with a eight-speed automatic transmission which is connected to turn all four wheels or two if that’s what you fancy. With competitors having horsepower numbers in the 450s, the CT6 is underpowered but considering that the others are using twin-turbo V8s, the 404HP from a twin-turbo six is not a bad deal.

On the inside, the CT6 screams luxury. It’s using a new version of the Cadillac CUE system, in which updates have improved the experience. The materials are real, meaning there is no faux-leather or faux-wood. A 34 speaker Bose sound system for you favorite music and the rear view mirror or should I say “Rear Camera Mirror” allows you to see behind you, without obstruction. You also have power rear seats with massagers and heat and Super Cruise (semi-autonomous driving).

Outside, you get the typical Cadillac treatment such as the angular body and chrome. LED lights keep your road lit, while a wide grille and long hood remind you that this is a Caddy. It’s going to be interesting to see how a CT6-v would look seeing as this car looks like it doesn’t look like a high performance ride. That also raises the question of how they will name the “v” edition of the CT6.

The CT6 is definitely a move in the right direction. It’s as tech savvy as its competition yet, as Cadillac as possible. It definitely refreshing to see that GM is trying to push Cadillac to be a serious competitor in the luxury market. I will say two things. One: The CT6 needs a hair more horsepower. 404HP while complete stout, is not enough to match the competition. Two: The “v” model is going to need a big powerful twin turbo V8 to be competitive. With the Benzes and Bimmers using higher output engines in the respective AMG and M models, the “v” needs a superman engine and drivetrain to really make an impact. All I can say is, good job GM, your doing it right…for now.




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