The Unknown/Forgotten Supercars

This post is for some of supercars that people either didn’t know about, or just straight up forgot about. There are many more out there and this post only features a few, but feel free to comment other unknown and forgotten supercars. Just don’t post any abandoned supercars from the Middle East…those don’t count. 


Toyota GT-One

Toyota, at one point in time, made a supercar. With a 227mph top speed coming from a 600HP 3.6L twin turbo V8, the GT-One was meant to compete against other GT race cars like the Mercedes CLK-GTR and the 911 GTR. Good luck ever really seeing one, because there were only two examples built.

Nissan R390 GT1

The R390 GT1 is rarer than the GT-One Toyota. With only one ever built, that wasn’t intended for sale, the R390 GT1 is as rare as it is beastly. 641HP and a 220mph top speed, the R390 GT1 can compete with some of the latest supercars, although it probably rests in a museum somewhere.

Bristol Fighter/T

Long story short, the Bristol Fighter was basically, a British Dodge Viper. It was powered by the 8.0L V10 found in the Viper and SRT10 Ram truck. While the standard and S versions of the Fighter eclipsed 210mph, it was the never produced Fighter T that would have pushed the limits of speed, long before the Chiron or Venom GT. The Fighter T would have produced 1012hp, and ran up to 270mph, with it being electronically limited to 225.


They best way to describe a Tramontana, which is a Spanish car firm, is taking an Ariel Atom and dropping 5.5L Mercedes V12 producing 710 horsepower somewhere in the middle of the chassis. With a top speed of 202mph, price tag of $500k+, and enough carbon-fibre and magnesium to boot, the Tramontana is a supercar, for those with a death wish.


Bentley Hunaudieres

In my opinion, between the Hunaudieres and the VW W12, the Hunaudieres is more so the spiritual predecessor to the Veyron, than the W12. Granted it was powered by a 650 some-odd horsepower W16, this would have been awesome in 1999, but irrelevant in 2005. Maybe once the Bentayga is released, maybe the Hunaudieres can make an encore appearance. 

Chrysler ME Four-Twelve

This was one of Chrysler’s greatest ever concept cars. Had the ME Four-Twelve saw production, it would have probably been a world class supercar, before its time. 0-60 was 2.9 seconds, which is the standard now but unheard of more than ten years ago. It had a quad-turbo 6.0L V12 that cranked out 850 horses and had a rumored top speed equivalent to the McLaren F1. Did I mention the 7-Speed semi-auto transmission?


Chrysler Firepower

If Chrysler made a Dodge/SRT Viper, it would be the Firepower. Well, it wouldn’t feature the 8.0L V10, instead featuring the 6.1L Hemi V8. It was considered for production but Chrysler scrapped it because they couldn’t figure out a viable need for production. Still, this wold have been the Viper for the people would wanted a Hemi in their Viper.

Photo credits to original photographer 



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