Ford GT Configurator

 The new GT breaks previous Ford GT rules but, still manages to be the American icon it has always been. If you want one, you must apply to receive the $450k beast. You probably have a better odds of winning the Monopoly game at McDonalds, than being one of the many who are wanting one of 500 GT’s. People like myself, will most likely drool over the GT from afar, while the proud owners get to drive one. 

Well, while some of us might not get the chance to own one, we can always dream. That dream can be designed via the GT Configurator. While this isn’t on the level of the The #CamaroSix App, it still allows you to make a custom GT, that fits your desires…atleast cosmetically. You have a choice of paint schemes, stripes, interiors and some exterior options. 


Just a quick couple of facts about the upcoming GT.

  • It’s powered by a 600+HP 3.5L Twin Turbo Ecoboost V6
  • It’s making a return to LeMans after its dominant run, fifty years ago
  • Aerodynamics are designed for maximum  downforce and minimal drag. 
  • Body is made of carbon fibre and the subframe components are made of aluminum 
  • Of course, Brembo brakes
  • The suspension can be lowered about 50mm for optimal track performance
  • And a retractable wing!!!

The GT is scheduled to be released later on this year. While it’s not targeting all out speed, it’s looking to have the best power to weight ratio of any sports car. Lastly, no hybrid drivetrain! Thanks Ford! We might no agree with the V6 but atleast you didn’t have the GT, join the Holy Trinity, which would turn the trio into a quartet.

Here’s a few more of my custom GTs. Get check it out and post yours in  he comments below.




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