Some of The Most Dangerous Cars in the World

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a couple posts concerning the SRT Challenger Demon; one of which, spoke about banning the Demon from road use. Side-note: Just to reiterate my stance on the subject, I don’t think the Demon should be banned from road use, simply because it’s just like any-other car on the road, which could be a death trap, in the wrong hands. With that being said, picking on the SRT Demon and condemning it as “unsafe at any speed” is completely unfair. There are way more dangerous vehicles, that lurk out streets everyday. So if we are deeming the Demon unsafe, the following list of cars a should be labeled “screaming metal death traps.” So here is a list of cars, that are way more dangerous than the SRT Demon. As a matter of fact, these are some of the most dangerous cars in the world.

Chevy Cobalt-

The cars that were built on the safe platform as the Chevy Cobalt, were subject to a recall that raised eyebrows to new levels. The crappy part about the recall was, the problem could have been remedied, well before the recall occurred for under $10. What was this recall for? The ignition switch, which would randomly switch the car off, which would be a very, very bad day while traveling at highway speeds.

Ford Explorer- 

The Ford Explorer is on this list for two reasons. The first being the Firestone Tire controversy. Explorers, back during the SUV boom, were prone to rolling over. So Ford, instead of redesigning the suspension to compensate, decided to lower the air pressure in the tires they used, which were made by Firestone. This lead to tires detreading and exploding, which lead to deaths. More recently, the newer model Explorers, have some sort of flaw in the body, which allows exhaust fumes to leak into the cabin. We all know what happens, with exhaust fumes in an enclosed area. 

Ford Pinto-

The Pinto is like a brick of C4 on wheels. Not only would a rear collision puncture the gas tank causing an fiery explosion, the car that ran into the Pinto would catch on fire from the impact. Like I said, the Ford Pinto was a brick of C4, on four wheels.

Chevy Corvair-

The only reason why the Chevy Corvair is on this list, is because the book titled “Unsafe at Any Speed: The Designed-In Dangers of The American Automobile” by our friend, Ralph Nader. The book highlighted the fact that the Corvair’s tires required an odd tire pressure differential between the front and rear. Why is this a issue? It’s quite simple, had you inflated the Convair’s tires to equal pressures, you were prone to dangerous oversteer. Had Chevy installed a sway bar from the factory, this wouldn’t have ever made this list. 

Porsche Carrera GT-

The Carrera GT was a race car that was able to be used on the road. This meant, no electronic nannies and a V10 engine that was built for racing. So, unless you were a Lemans trained professional racecar driver, the Carrera GT was not for the faint of heart. And the controversy surrounding Paul Walker’s death, makes the Carrera GT another screaming metal death trap on this list.

Anything Chinese- 

Any brand, type or version of Chinese born vehicles are as durable as fortune cookies. While they look like knock off verisons of some more established brands like Ford, Land Rover and others, they aren’t safe. They don’t even look cool either. So not only are you riding in a screaming, metal death trap, your rocking a ugly knockoff too.

Delorean DMC-12- 

Let’s compare the Delorean DMC-12 to the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. I know what your thinking, these two cars are a couple decades apart and on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of quality. You might also be thinking that, there is not logical reason to compare the DMC-12 to the SLS AMG. Despite the differences between the two vehicles, the DMC-12 and SLS have one thing in common, that being gullwing doors. However, in the event of a rollover, the SLS has a safety release mechanism whic doesn’t leave you trapped inside the car. The DMC-12 doesn’t have this mechanism and you are stuck, until emergency services arrive. Just hope that it’s not a hot day and/or the car doesn’t catch on fire.

Ford Mustang- 

The Mustang as a whole isn’t dangerous, depending on how you feel about a 400HP+, RWD, V8 muscle car. What makes the Mustang so dangerous, is the showoffy drivers at car meets. I mean, how many times have we seen YouTube videos of various Mustangs wiping out at car meets? 

Ferrari Enzo-

The Enzo Ferrari, which was named after the Ferrari’s founder, is one of Ferrari’s beloved supercars. It broke and held some records and was a 2000s teenage boy’s fantasy cars. The only downfall of owning this dream ride, was that some of them split in half. Yes, the Enzo Ferrari would split in half in a high speed wreck. Ironically enough, one of the split Enzo’s was restored and sold for $1.75 million dollars. 


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